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An Elaborate Guide to Help You Select the Best Door Lock

Unknown to most, a lot of property theft occurs between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm, meaning burglaries happen when you least expect them, during your most productive hour. With this in mind, getting the right type of lock is paramount for keeping intruders out and will go a long way in keeping your home secure throughout the year. But with the influx of locks on the market, how do you determine our best pick? Below, we take you through some of our top picks, from Chubb front door locks to Rim Automatic Deadlatch, among others that we specialize in.

Types of Door Locks


5 Lever Mortice Deadlock/ Chubb Front Door Locks



The 5 lever mortice deadlock is one of the most common locks suited to residential and commercial doors. Its 5 lever system is often used on wooden doors, allowing you to lock them from inside and outside with a key. Rather than being installed on the door’s surface, the 5 lever mortice deadlock is fitted within the door. Some examples of the 5 lever deadlocks are the Chubb front door locks that our locksmiths are trained to install and replace, providing a needed security measure for your home.


Identifying a 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock


5 lever mortice deadlocks are easy to identify and will often come with the following features:

  1. Fitted to wooden doors. Due to their design and functionality, our installation services of the 5 lever Chubb door locks will be structured for wooden doors instead of doors with materials such as UPVC or composite structures.
  2. 5 lever imprint. As the name suggests, this type of lock comprises a 5 lever system imprinted on your lock’s faceplate. Without this imprint, you risk losing out on the benefits of the 5 lever lock, so be on the lookout for this identifying feature.
  3. The 5 lever deadlock should be opened from both sides with a key.
  4. Commonly fitted to external front and back doors as opposed to internal doors.


Advantages of the 5 Lever Mortice Deadlocks


  • Can Use a Single Key

The 5 lever mortice deadlock does not require complex cylinders for locking, making them easy to install and use. Due to this, multiple doors can be keyed alike to be used with a single key.


  • Better Security

The 5 lever deadlock provides a better safety guarantee than other types of locks, such as the 3 lever locks, providing peace of mind to homeowners no matter the time of day or night.




  • May Lack the Proper Testing Guarantees

Whereas a 5 lever mortice deadlock does not conform to BS3621 standards, property owners will be required to introduce an extra security safeguard. Chubb door locks that carry the BS3621 on their faceplates offer protection against risks such as drilling and picking, making them well equipped to stand any security threats.


Multi-Point Locking System




As the name suggests, the multi-point locking system provides multiple bolts to lock your doors, ranging from 3-5 point locks. Every time you engage your lock, the bolts engage into the door frame, providing multiple levels of safety. The multi-point locking system is fitted on the door’s body, with most locksmiths utilizing the euro-cylinder lock for the key insert. Like the 5 lever deadlock, the multi-point lock is also a favorite for external front doors and external back doors.


Examples of doors that use the multi-point locking system include:

  • UPVC and composite entrance doors
  • Timber doors
  • French and patio doors
  • Aluminum doors


Advantages of the Multi-Point Locking System


  • Lets You Carry Fewer Keys

The multi-point locking system makes use of only one cylinder for locking, a factor that makes it possible to key alike other cylinder locks for your entire home. With this, you get to reduce the number of keys on your key holder, helping you take on less load during your everyday routine.


  • Offers Better Security Features

With bolts ranging from 3-5 locks, the multi-point locking system is difficult to break into, helping you keep any unwanted parties away from your home.


  • Easy Replacement Process

Whether you need urgent help with a broken key or need to upgrade your lock, the multi-point locking system offers an easy replacement process. The cylinder can easily be swapped out with a new one or upgraded to an improved standard cylinder when you need a new locking system.


Disadvantages of the Multi-Point Locking System


  • Can Prove Challenging to First-Time Users

Multi-point locking systems can often prove challenging for first-time users due to the precise positioning needed to turn the key into the lock. Each key pattern needs to align correctly with the locking system, failure of which could leave you fumbling with the lock.


  • May Require Double Locking

The multi-point locking system will often rely on double locking to securely lock your property, an aspect that will regularly take up a bit more time. If you have multiple locks on your property, the chances are that you may need to familiarize yourself with two or more different methods of double locking. This can, however, be avoided by opting for lookalike locks, making your entry and exit faster when pressed for time.


  • Points to Note When Using a Multi-Point Locking System

This locking system will need additional operational safeguards due to the multi-point locking system used for external front and back doors in numerous multi-occupancy residencies. An example is fitting it with a thumb-turn cylinder for use in an emergency. Rather than employing the multiple 3-5 point locking system, this cylinder allows residents living in flats to exit and enter a building with more ease when an unforeseen event occurs.


Rim Automatic Deadlatch




The rim automatic deadlatch is the third type of door lock that property owners can get. It will often be fitted on the inside of the door with the key locking handle placed outside the door. This type of lock uses a rim cylinder fitted on either side of the door where the key is inserted for locking and unlocking. It also uses a night latch on the inside of the door, allowing you to have multiple lock options.


Types of Doors That Utilize the Rim Automatic Deadlatch

  • Wooden/timber doors
  • Glass paneled doors

The above will often be external front doors or external back doors, with most users being residential homeowners.


Advantages of the Rim Automatic Deadlatch


  • Easy To Use

The rim automatic deadlatch is one of the most straightforward locks to use, with the key lock and the deadlatch providing a straightforward operation process. Due to this, you get reduced instances of faulty locks and any emergencies that often come with stuck keys.


  • Comes With an Automatic Shutting Process

The rim automatic comes with an automatic shutting process, helping you simplify your operation process even further. This allows you to cut off any back and forth open and shut door scenarios, helping you get to your daily schedule with ease while also reaping the benefits of guaranteed security.


Disadvantages of the Rim Automatic Deadlatch


Just like every door lock, the rim automatic deadlatch relies on specific industry guidelines for maximum safety. If your deadlatch lacks the proper safety inspections, you will likely have to include an additional lock to keep your home secure.


Euro Cylinder Lock




A euro cylinder lock is one of the most modern locks on the market, making them suited to various doors. Examples of these include UPVC doors, composite doors, aluminum and timber doors. The euro-cylinder lock will often be fitted with multi-point locking systems, with their use also coming in handy for sash locks and mortice deadlocks. Unlike the previously listed door locks, the euro-cylinder lock extends not just to external front doors and external back doors but also to internal doors. While the first two options are a go-to for most homeowners, the latter option is currently utilized in commercial spaces such as schools, offices, and hospitals.


Advantages of the Euro Cylinder Lock


  • Easy To Use

Operating a euro cylinder lock is straightforward, with a simple twist and turn giving you immediate access to your home.


  • Can Be Keyed Alike

Getting improved security without the fuss of holding onto more keys is crucial for every homeowner, a factor that the euro-cylinder lock can help with. This type of door lock can be keyed alike to suit various home locks, with the option of also adding a master key for your different entry points.


  • Easy To Upgrade

Depending on your security preference, you may occasionally need to switch up your locks to match up to current home security standards. The euro-cylinder lock allows you to upgrade with ease, saving you the time and money needed for getting improved security measures.


  • Offers Better Security Features

Due to its increased use in modern homes, the euro-cylinder lock comes with improved safety checks and standards, making it much more capable of handling current security threats. With this in mind, your space is assured of safety against issues such as lock bumping, lock snapping, and picking.


Disadvantages of Using the Euro Cylinder Lock


The main disadvantage of opting for the euro-cylinder lock is that its safety features are directly linked to the safety checks performed. Where your euro lock lacks the proper inspections, your property is exposed to various security risks, making it an unnecessary addition to your home.

Rather than leaving your home or business to the mercy of opportunists, make it a point to have a professional install and upgrade your locks. London locksmith can help with this, offering state-of-the-art locks to keep unwanted visitors out while providing easy-to-use door locks for your loved ones. Call us today to help you secure your property and to help with any emergency lockouts.