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The most secure door in the world is known as that thanks to the installation team. Only good tehnicians can place a security door perfectly in your residence. Our team has an experience of 10 years in installing our security doors and other partner’s products. Each member of our team is has been thoroughly trained and has all certifications in installing the most secure doors. Your safety and your home security are our priorities from the moment you decide you want to collaborate with us. The door will be so close-knit and all details completed, so you’ll have the feeling that your new door was always there.Full installation in entire world for all of our products.

Free Estimates

Free charges for estimating your cost for a new security door. Our friendly and professional team will provide you a free estimate on any of our doors. They also can help you to choose a door that perfect match your needs. Our staff will patiently guide you through the selection process and show all features of our products that will help you to take a buying decision knowledgeably. We don’t like that kind of people who try to put some pressure on you, we teach the customers about his needs and best choices in a friendly manner. Get in touch with us to discuss more about what would you like to purchase, we will install our products anywhere in this world.

Professional Installation

We provide professional installation with our team of technicians fully equiped with tools, knowledge and experience in installing thousands of security doors. We are doing this for more then ten years, permanently looking for a little reproach of a client, never find it. We realize how important is for you your security and safety but from that moment when you recognize this necessity, your security is more important for us. Full installation services of our security doors anywhere in the world. Limited offer: Free estimate of our products plus services.

Alarm Fitting

The feeling of maximum security appear only when your home owns a complete monitoring and security system that protect you day and night. Our technicians suggest that any house that has a big potential to be robbed must have both security door and alarms. We work with high-tech equipment, based on your particular budget and desires. Contact our team to go further in your security plan.

Security Room Installations

Our most popular product are certainly security doors, but you have to know that our focus is on your overall safety. So, we extended our product line with additional safety products such as: deposit boxes, safe rooms and so on. Let’s talk firstly about safe rooms, that are constructed to meet your personal needs. You will talk with us about your expectations and we’ll design a safe room that fits all your needs. After all modifications occurred at the project, we will set out to construct it. Our engineers could work in your presence to build the strongest security room. If you would like to transform an existing room in your home in a safety room we can do it. We also can implement that hidden door often seen in movies to be the entrance for your new secure room which was recently your office, a bedroom, or other room that was able to be transformed. We always use the best materials such as reinforced steel sheets and frames, and concrete blocks to build walls and ceiling. Between these type of walls you need obviously a steel door equipped with a special locking mechanism. In this room you can place: money, jewelry, video surveillance system, and so on, all connected to a generator to ensure these will also work during a storm.Make sure to take a minute and view our competitive locksmithing prices.



Call us anytime any day we will be there for your needs



Call us anytime any day we will be there for your needs



Call us anytime any day we will be there for your needs


Skydas Standart

This door is made of durable metal with thermal insulation, known as a good thermal and sound isolating door, it’s ideal for private villa. It has a Belgian certify Umidax HLS, which attest …

Skydas Standart 2

The construction of this door was created to be burglar resistant. This type of security standard was approved by the laboratory IFT Rosenheim from Germany. Be very carreful, SKYDAS STANDART 2 …

Skydas Standart 3

SKydas Standart 3 door will protect your home from the most skilled burglar, that is using heavy-duty burglary tools. It was created applying the knowledge of all possible ways and methods …

Skydas Standart Premium

SKYDAS PREMIUM is the most resistant door against burglary. They have an unique and patented construction that was created under the entire knowledge of our company about burglaries.

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