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Skydas Standart 3

Security Doors Skydas Standart 3

SKydas Standart 3 door will protect your home from the most skilled burglar, that is using heavy-duty burglary tools. It was created applying the knowledge of all possible ways and methods of burglary. Burglar resistance of the security door Skydas Standart 3 was tested and approved by the laboratory IFT Rosenheim and was awarded the 3d security class according to ENV 1627 standard.

The locks installed in this model can’t be no lower than 5th security class and one lock must be protected by a drilling proof plate. SKYDAS STANDART 3 has sound and thermal insulation and is suitable both for houses and apartments. The finish of the door suitable for outdoors is made of waterproof, certified Belgian board Umidax HLS. The board is painted in polyurethane paint that resist over years. The door SKYDAS STANDART 3 can be fire resistant and opened inwards or outwards.
It is recommended to use galvanized steel RUUKKI for entrance door construction.

Rating of sound insulation 2Rating of sound insulation41 dB Rw (C;Ctr)
Rating of thermal transmittanceRating of thermal transmittance1,3 W (m2-K)
Resistance to repeated opening and closing 2Resistance to repeated opening and closing200 000 cycles
Identification of burglar resistanceIdentification of burglar resistanceClass 3
ENV 1627 WK3
Identification of resistance to wind loadIdentification of resistance to wind loadClass C3
Measurement of air permeabilityMeasurement of air permeabilityClass 3
Identification of water tightnessIdentification of water tightnessClass 2A
Identification of mechanical strength and rigidityIdentification of mechanical strength and rigidityClass 4
Identification of fire resistanceIdentification of fire resistanceEI 30/ EI45

Standard door set

  • Door frame – bent L-shaped profile of 100 mm, fixed in the door aperture by 16 pins, protected from cutting by steel sleeves of 24 mm. Thermal insulation is completed by rock wool or foam.
  • Door leaf – special bent metal construction with 100% thermal insulation by 50 mm rock wool. Total width is 75 mm.
  • Reinforced, adjustable hinges with supporting bearings, covered with chrome-plated finishing caps.
  • Protective pins for door hinges (16 mm) – 4 pieces.
  • Insulation seals – 2 pieces.
  • Peephole.
  • Outside and inside door leaf finish.
  • Outside architraves.
  • Inside architraves (if the door has to be fire-resistant).
  • Locks – optional, but one of the locks has to be no lower than 5th security class.
  • One of the locks is protected by drilling resistant plate.
  • The lock rods are additionally protected by steel tubes.

Door characteristics



Bent L-shaped has a door frame that is wide of 100 mm. This door has 6 bending stronger in comparison with rectangular or tube frame (4 bending edges). 16 plugs can be seen by opening the frame, which are protected by steel liners of 24 mm. Internal leaf construction is reinforced that don’t allow thieves to enter in your house or apartament. The locks that will be installed must be at least 5th security class and one of them must be covered by a drilling resistant plate.
Skydas Standart 3 hinges are reinforced and adjustable. On the hinges side there are 4 protective pins (16 mm) that do not allow dislodging the door leaf if the hinges are cut.
The locks can be replaced without disassembling the door, so it is easy and fast.


Keep the heat inside your home

The bent profile leaf structure does not have closed cavities. It is thermally insulated by rock wool (50 mm). The bent frame and threshold ensure exclusive tightness as an additional seal is applied to the entire perimeter (two seals in total).
Thermal transmittance of Skydas Standart 3 is 1.3 W/(m2–K), i.e. the same like of 6-chamber plastic windows (more heat with lower transmittance). Therefore, this door is suitable not only for an apartment, but also for a private house, because we use materials for outdoor.


Tight, good heat and sound insulation

This door with full thermal insulation used in construction process, also suitable in sound insulation of the door SKYDAS STANDART 3 is 41 dB. This door is especially tight and perfectly shuts out the odours and smoke from inside.


Fire resistant

An additional system, that turns door in fire resistant component of your safety against fire extension. SKYDAS STANDART 3 can protect your home for 45 minutes and hold up the temperature of 1000ºC. The certificate was issued by Inspecta Estonia OU, No. 1527-CPD-0017. Other doors inside your private house as that one to the boiler room or garage should be fire resistant.


Durable and lasting, convenient to use

All SKYDAS doors are manufactured by especially precise programmed machines named Amada, which is able to process metal with the precision of 0.1 mm, therefore, their construction is precisely accurate and straight. As hinges with supporting bearings are used, the doors will be easy to open, despite of its heavier weight. Our tests indicated that after 200,000 cycles of opening, the door’s structure remained completely intact.
The internal construction of the door doesn’t have closed cavities. The entire door is covered in powder coating, that ensures long-term protection.
The door finish is water resistant, certified Belgian board Umidax HLS, which can be milled without bothering about bulging or losing its specifications. The board is painted in You select the polyurethane paint in which will be colored the board for years. Under necessity, door finish can be easily replaced.
It is recommended to use galvanized steel RUUKKI for the first door of your home.


Simple to take care of

Painted door finish does not require any specific care.


Design possibilities

Choose a design from our list of 200 or we will manufacture a door according to an individual project.
However, if you require a higher security level, choose the next door SKYDAS PREMIUM, which resistance was tested and certified in a scientific research laboratory IFT Rosenheim, Germany. These doors were created applying the knowledge of the above-mentioned laboratory of all possible ways and methods of burglary.

Technical data

The door is manufactured precisely according to necessary measurements.

Fire resistance EI45 of the fire resistant door is applicable to measurements up to 2100x 980 mm. If the height or width is increased by 15% (but not more than 20% of the total area), fire resistance will be EI30.



Available thresholds (2 mm thick):

  • black metal
  • RUUKKI galvanized steel
  • matt stainless steel