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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Locksmith In London? [Infographic]

Most people face a sticky situation with their keys at least once in their lifetime, and this is where a professional locksmith can act as their savior. Even today, locksmiths’ importance can never be pushed down as they play a crucial role in keeping a wide array of premises secure and safe.

Did you know – 

More than 73% of the burglaries in the UK are made successful by entering through the door, and this is what makes using the services of a credible locksmith more imperative. If your doors are safe, then you and your family are safe too. 

More than 27% of the burglars who try to break into a house force the lock open, one of the leading causes of burglaries in the UK. If your door cannot withstand the different tactics used by the burglar, you may get robbed, even while you are on the property.

Due to the increasing demand for secured premises, the locksmith industry is on the rise, and you will be stunned to know that by the end of the year 2021, the locksmith industry will reach around $2.5 bn. And it will keep on increasing at the same pace in the future as well.

By promoting a locksmith’s services and with the service providers becoming more precise with their approach, the number of burglary cases involving snapping keys has declined at a breakneck pace from 2009 to 2019. It has come down from 12.49% to 8.32%.

Roles and responsibilities of a locksmith:


Here are some of the situations and cases where a locksmith can help you – 

Locked out of your house

You may lose your keys and find yourself standing outside your own house, in the chilling weather, and there is nothing much you can do. Well, this is where a locksmith can help you in getting inside your cozy house without any issue – that too quickly!.

Locked out of your car

If you are staring at your keys inside your locked car in the parking lot, this is the best time to get help from a locksmith. Instead of trying to break in using a rock or a metal pipe, you should call a locksmith and get inside your car without damaging anything.

Broken keys

It doesn’t matter whether you broke the key while twisting it on the wrong side or while opening your beverage bottle; a locksmith can help you get out of such situations by making new keys or changing your lock. 

After a break-in

If someone broke into your house and stole some of your most valuable belongings, then instead of panicking, you should get your previous locks replaced with new ones; A professional locksmith will make sure that your home is equipped with highly secure locks.


Why do you need a locksmith?

If you hire a local locksmith after checking locksmith lockout price, you will be surprised to know that it will prove to be 40% cheaper than any other national locksmith, and this is why working with a local locksmith makes sense.

A local locksmith will provide you with a wide range of quality options; Every door, car, and house requires different locking services, and this is where a wide array of options will prove to be helpful.

When you work with a local locksmith, you can be sure about the quality of the product and the pricing. A local locksmith will try his level best to provide you world-class lock products and that too without forcing you to burn a hole in your pocket. Besides this, you’ll be talking to a person with practical knowledge than just a customer care executive who has only theoretical knowledge of the locksmith services.

Cost of hiring a locksmith in London

Starting from 49 pounds

  • The average locksmith service maintenance price varies from one project to another as it all depends on your specific needs. But you will be surprised to know that these locksmith services start from 49 pounds only plus VAT. Even the locksmith lockout price is relatively low.
  • Your project’s overall budget and price depend totally on your situation. The locksmith company will decide the price based on whether you have been locked out of your car, home, need to replace your existing locking system, or if you have broken the keys while trying to open the door.
  • If you are in a hurry and looking for emergency door opening services from a professional locksmith, then you don’t need to worry much as these types of emergency door unlocking services will cost you just £50 + VAT.
  • You should also know that the average price of a good and professional locksmith service will be around £100, but you will wish to pay anything between £59 to £350. The price also depends on the number of locks you want to repair or replace.

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