Banham Lock Fresh Installation

No matter where you are in London, it’s necessary to update your locks every so often. Locks can become worn down through natural wear and tear. Just imagine how many times you open your day a day – that eventually adds up. This will cause your lock to deteriorate over time and compromise the safety of your home.

In order to keep your home at maximum security for as long as you live there, it’s absolutely necessary to update your locks. That’s exactly what our most recent job was for.

Two Updated Banham Locks

One of our most recent calls was from a family who did not feel safe with their current lock condition. The locks that they had currently were outdated and could’ve easily been compromised. They contacted 24/7 London Locksmith looking for help on how to maximize the security of their household.

We arrived at the house quickly and assessed the situation. We confirmed upon arrival that the current locks were not suited for maximum security. These locks we’re nearly 20 years old and were rusted. It was evident that any burglar could’ve broken in easily. We removed this lock quickly and replaced them with 2 maximum security, high-quality Banham Locks.

Mission: Replace outdated locks with new high-security Banham locks

Emergency: Client did not feel safe with current lock situation. Needed maximum-security lock installation.

Lock: Banham locks

Location: South East London

Phone call date & time: Monday, December 10th, 2018, 2:05 pm

Arrival time: 2:30pm (~25 minutes)

Work time: 50 minutes

Banham Locks

Banham locks are some of the most reliable locks in the industry. These locks are designed with the sole purpose of providing your home or property with the highest security. Boasting over 90 years in the lock business, Banham has perfected the art of locksmithing. Banham is the ultimate source for the highest quality home security.

If you’re looking for any emergency locksmith services in the greater London area, reach out to 24/7 London Locksmith. We’re available to help you with any emergency locksmithing solutions any time of the day or night, 7 days a week. Our mission is to reinstate your peace of mind. So, whether you’re looking for just a simple lock update or an emergency lock replacement after a break-in, we’re here to help.

Contact us today and we promise we’ll get to you within 30 minutes!

London Locksmith: A Day in the Life

As a certified technician for 24/7 London Locksmith, I respond to our clients’ emergency calls day and night. I often travel to the outskirts of London, where I provide just as many residential and commercial services as in the central areas of our city. The thing I like the most about what I do? My favorite thing about this job is the stories I get to be a part of.

And, of course, the people I meet.

My name is Brian, I typically arrive in less than 30 minutes, and this is a day in my life as a locksmith.

Life Of A Locksmith

What You Think I Do

For most people I know, the first association of being a locksmith is usually running around town and getting elderly Londoners out of trouble. Sure, I help people get inside their apartments, homes, and cars every single day, and sure, some of them are indeed older. But it would shock you to know how many of them are busy, running-on-a-tight-schedule, professionals just like you and me.

In our industry, this is just regular stuff. We earn our average salaries (if you work at night or provide emergency services, you usually get paid more), and we make a fair living. Locksmiths rarely have to worry about going out of business, which is great – everyone needs a lock and a key, after all. As for our competition, well, you just keep working, you give your best every day, and you stay committed.

What I Think I Do

The one thing I’ve learned in my career as a locksmith is that what people believe we do in this industry is often a misconception. No, I don’t spend my time waiting for lockout calls. I don’t get paid more than you do either. I simply go from door to door applying my skills, helping people, and having a blast being a part of their crazy stories.

And some of these stories have stuck with me for years.

As a locksmith, you’re in a unique position to take a sneak peek into somebody’s life. It usually doesn’t last longer than 10 to 15 minutes, but it’s fascinating nevertheless. I’m constantly meeting new people all over London. I’ve definitely heard my fair share of crazy lockout stories. I’ve really seen everything.

What I Actually Do

Officially speaking, I am a part of a team of professional locksmiths who cover all types of locks around all areas of London, regardless of what needs to be done. Emergency door opening is one tiny fragment of my job. I also repair, replace and install locks, deadbolt and other locks. I work with cylinders and levers, I know my way around uPVC, and I do my fair share of auto locks too.

What I actually do as a locksmith is solving unusual problems.

I combine function with aesthetics to deliver the best possible solutions for my clients, and I do that on a daily basis. It makes me happy because of the way I choose to approach it. In my opinion, a good locksmith is an artist of a special kind.

If you’re in need of any emergency locksmith services or lock replacements of any kind, reach out to us today!

Should I Use a Cheap Locksmith?

Locksmith services are expensive, but only if you think of them as one-off security solutions. To those who understand why installing top-notch locks and deadbolts pays off, the industry pricing makes perfect sense. As in any other industry, the price tag here is a guarantee of quality and endurance, but also a warranty for your peace of mind.

Should you use a cheap locksmith?

The next time you ask yourself whether you should go with a cheap locksmith, consider this:

Lower Prices Equal Less Quality

Having a cheap lock on an expensive house is a burglary waiting to happen. It is as simple as that. Even so, most house owners opt for hardware store locks or go for inexpensive and unlicensed locksmiths. Their thought process is usually the same – “They just don’t make them as they used too, so why spend anything more than necessary?”

Modern-day locks and deadbolts are actually far more reliable than in the good old days, but only when they are bought from a trusted locksmith shop. Unlike hardware store products, they are made of materials that are certain to withstand the test of time. Go for a cheaper solution, and you’ll end up risking the safety of your precious belongings.

Lower Prices Equal Less Quality

Having a cheap lock on an expensive house is a burglary waiting to happen. It is as simple as that. Even so, most house owners opt for hardware store locks or go for inexpensive and unlicensed locksmiths. Their thought process is usually the same – “They just don’t make them as they used too, so why spend anything more than necessary?”

Modern-day locks and deadbolts are actually far more reliable than in the good old days, but only when they are bought from a trusted locksmith shop. Unlike hardware store products, they are made of materials that are certain to withstand the test of time. Go for a cheaper solution, and you’ll end up risking the safety of your precious belongings.

Locksmith Services Are Complex

No, not everyone can do what a licensed locksmith does. After all, it takes a certain skill set and a fair amount of experience to master this delicate craft. Don’t you think that this kind of expertise should amount to something too? It costs real money to run a reputable business, which is why quality, commitment, and continuous improvement all come at a price.

Attention to Detail Comes at Cost

Attention to detail comes at a price too. It’s one of the main requirements for being a trustworthy locksmith – not only are we as service providers aiming to help our clients choose the highest-quality security systems for their households, but we’re also responsible for installing them without leaving any scratches or making any damages to their expensive doors.

Higher Prices Ensure Sturdiness

Finally, higher-priced locksmith services most of the time guarantee longevity. Being made from plastic and die-cast, cheap locks and deadbolts are doomed to quickly deteriorate even if nobody tries to break them first. And need we mention how easy it is to manipulate and pick these low-quality locking systems? Most of them can be opened in under a minute or two.

When you take product sturdiness into account, the math is really simple – the more you pay your locksmith, the longer you’ll stay protected. Try not to underestimate the importance of having a foolproof locking system – it serves not only to safeguard your valuable assets but also to protect your family. And you can hardly put a price on that.

Locksmith services are expensive, but only if you belittle the true value of having an unbreakable locking system that’s certain to last you for years to come. Once you start thinking about your locksmith in these terms, everything they do and charge for will start to make sense. At the end of the day, using a cheap locksmith just beats the whole purpose.

If you’re looking for a reliable lock installation that’s built to last, reach out to the trusted locksmiths at 24/7 London Locksmith today!

Ingersoll Locks: Review Roundup

Ingersoll is a London-based brand that boasts almost seven decades of experience in producing high-quality locks. When we speak of Ingersoll, we usually do so in the context of its time-honored Ingersoll SC71 lock, a product that’s become synonymous with the company and everything it represents. Ingersoll Classic SC71 has been around since ‘69, spurring thousands of faithful copycats.

Ingersoll SC71

To say that it’s still as relevant as ever would be an understatement.

Here’s why Ingersoll has been at the cutting edge of lock design for more than half a century.

Ingersoll Locks: SC71

Out of many products that this reputable brand has designed and produced throughout the years, Ingersoll SC71 has remained the most notable and trustworthy. Boasting no less than 10 levers, the unique design of this lock is now world-famous, often imitated, and trusted by hundreds of households and businesses in the United Kingdom and beyond. And all this is for a very good reason.

Ingersoll’s signature product is a 10-lever lock with automatic deadlocking action and a domed shaped cylinder. In 1969, when it has been introduced to the market, SC71 was a revolutionary locking system. Withstanding the test of time, Ingersoll’s famous lock still guarantees the same level of security. It’s been said that SC71 is not so much a tried locking system as it is a personal statement.

All elements of this Ingersoll’s classic work in unison to provide the highest-security system:

  • The dependable 10-lever mechanism makes SC71 one of the hardest locks to pick or drill open.
  • Thanks to its automatic deadlocking rim, it’s also virtually impossible to be slipped or jemmied open.
  • The reinforced bolt adds another layer of protection, making SC71 fully resistant to hacksaw attacks.
  • Being easily identifiable from the outside, even the cylinder serves to discourage and repel burglars.

In case that by some luck a burglar manages to circumvent this foolproof lock, SC71 will trap them inside. This is achieved by rotating the key 360 degrees, which automatically double-locks the system and deadlocks its handle. The front door is therefore rendered inaccessible as an exit to any burglar.

This reliable Ingersoll design has remained in continuous production since the early 1970s when it was first introduced to the market. Throughout the years, SC71 has continued to safeguard thousands of households all over the globe. It has earned the title of a timeless product and an extremely high-security lock, which is why it is one of the most imitated locking systems in the world.

Nearly five decades later, Ingersoll SC71 is still considered a synonym for security and quality. The expired patent on SC71 means that these locks can now be found just about anywhere. Considering that not all copycats can ensure the same degree of quality, however, you should be very careful who you’re purchasing your SC71 from.

If you’re interested in Ingersoll locks, you can rely on your trusted 24/7 London Locksmith to produce and install the original SC71 design. Ingersoll SC71 is the only locking system on the market that combines a 10-lever mechanism with an automatic deadlocking action is such a durable, resistant, and infallible way.

Contact 24/7 London Locksmith today to find out more about installing the reliable Ingersoll SC71!

Local Flower Shop Break-In: Safety Restored in Minutes!

24 hour locksmith success stories

As London’s leading source for emergency lock replacements, we run into a lot of violent store break-ins. Many of these break-ins result in broken locks and therefore an immediate need for our lock replacement services. In these types of situations, we understand how important it is to provide our quality services to you as fast as possible. Everyone has a right to feel secure in their own space and that’s what we will reinstate for you.

London Locksmith received a call on an early November morning. A local flower shop owner in West London came into an unfortunate morning surprise. A burglar had broken in violently and stolen valuables. The shop owners immediately contacted their trusted locksmith, 24/7 London Locksmith, and within minutes we were at the scene to replace the lock.

The Scene of the Crime

Upon arrival, we noticed that the lock had been completely destroyed. No signs of the previous lock were left on the scene, only shattered wood from the door. We assessed the damage and quickly decided on the new lock to be put in place.

We wanted to install a lock that would reinstate the owner’s peace of mind and also provide top-notch security for the shop. We chose a classic high-security lock. This lock is popular amongst shop owners because while it instilled maximum security, it’s also easy to use. This two lock mechanism is the best way to assure your shop is secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency flower shop break-in

Mission: Emergency Break-In Repair – Replace broken flower shop’s lock in West London

Lock: Maximum security lock

Phone Call Date & Time: Friday, November 9th 5:42 am

Arrival Time: 6:12am

Work Time: 47 minutes

London Locksmith, Available For Emergencies 24/7!

Contact Us for Any Emergency Locksmith Services

24/7 London Locksmith is your source for any emergency locksmith services. Our overall goal is to reinstate your business as a secure establishment, and that’s exactly what we’ve done for countless clients. If you’re in need of any emergency locksmith services, please reach out to us today! We’ll be at the scene within minutes!

Winterizing Doors and Locks

Do enjoy the sight of snow falling down from the comfort of your home, dressed in your favorite winter sweater as the fireplace gently crackles in the background? A jazz record and a bowl of freshly baked ginger cookies in hand, and what you have is a proper Christmas postcard.

Oh, and try not to think about this month’s energy bill.

But let’s venture back to reality just for a second, we could help you lower those numbers without ever lowering your heat. At least 30% of warmth escapes through doors if they are not properly sealed. To have yourself a comfortable winter that won’t break your bank, it’s necessary to winterize your doors and locks.

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Should You Thaw A Frozen Lock Quickly?

If you’ve ever been locked out of your car or home in the freezing cold you understand the pain of a frozen lock. Freezing weather can often cause your locks to freeze up and your faced with the decision of whether or not you should take measures to thaw the lock yourself or call a professional.

Sometimes, all it needs is a small amount of water. Your car may be exposed to low temperatures for a bit too long, or maybe your home lock fell victim to the freezing temperatures. But the question of how to thaw a frozen lock is complex. You don’t want to damage it further, but you need to get to warmth soon.

These are the do’s and don’ts of thawing a frozen lock.

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How Do Keys Break in Locks?

Some mornings you just can’t catch a break.

Despite your best effort, you still oversleep for work. You’re scrambling to get ready and finally leave your house 20 minutes behind schedule. And then, as you insert the key into the lock, you hear a dreadful snapping sound.

The key is broken, a part of it is stuck, and your morning just got a lot worse.

Why is this happening to you, and is there anything you can do to fix it?

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Emergency South East London Lock Replacement After Break-In

As London’s premier 24/7 locksmith, London Locksmiths work to provide our clients with speedy and reliable service. That’s exactly what we did with our most recent client in South East London.

We received a call from a distressed client. They were in need of emergency locksmith services. Their lock had been damaged in a break-in. The burglar had destroyed the lock upon entry and compromised the safety of this South East London family.

London Locksmith arrived at the scene in a matter of minutes. Our expert locksmiths assessed the damage and then began work. We replace the client’s unreliable, old lock with a sturdy and secure D-3 Multipoint Lock. In under two hours, the client’s locks were replaced, and maximum security was reinstated.

D-3 Multipoint Lock

The D-3 Multipoint lock ensures maximum security of any household. Locks of these kinds are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions and elements. The D-3 Multipoint lock is durable, corrosion resistant, and guarantees maximum security. This lock comes in a variety of finishes and is perfect to ensure the safety of any household or business.

Mission: Emergency – Replace lock of South East London home that was broken into.

Lock: D-3 Multipoint Lock

Location: South East London

Phone Call Date & Time: Tuesday, September 18th 7:14 am

Arrival Time: 7:42 am

Work Time: ~ 52 minutes

Speedy & Reliable Locksmith Services

At 24/7 London Locksmiths, we understand how unsettling a break-in can be, and we know that you want to reinstate the security of your household as soon as possible. With 24/7 London Locksmith as your exclusive locksmith, you’ll never have to stress over the security of your home. We arrive within minutes and install the best, most secure locks in the London area.

Contact us today if you’re in need of an emergency locksmith services. 24/7 London Locksmith is your reliable, trusted locksmith. We work to resolve emergencies in minutes.


British Standard “Sash” Lock Installed in North West London

London Locksmith is known for being the fastest most efficient locksmith in all of London. We provide our high-quality lock replacements across the metropolitan area; making house calls all the way from Camden Town to Greenwich. A recent client of ours didn’t feel safe in his own home, so he contacted London Locksmith for a quick fix.

This recent London Locksmith client called with concerns that his current lock situation was not secure enough. His current lock was an old standard lock that he felt needed to be updated to ensure his home’s safety. Wear and tear over time can deteriorate any lock so be sure to update your lock regularly. This old standard lock was compromising the safety of his home, so he contacted the experts at London Locksmith.

Our locksmiths arrived to replace the lock in just under an hour. The client chose to install a BS3621 High-Security Sash Lock. We quickly assessed the situation and installed the high-security sash lock. This stainless steel, heavy duty lock perfectly complemented the door while also securing the safety of the home. In just under an hour, the client’s peace of mind was reassured, and his home secured.

Mission: Replace old worn tock

Lock: BS3621 High-Security Sash Lock

Location: Northwest London

Phone Call date & time: Wednesday, August 15th 11:05 AM

Arrival time: 11:33 PM (~28 minutes)

Work time: ~30 minutes

High-Security Sash Locks

This BS3621 High-Security Sash Lock is the standard British lock. They’re designed to be theft-resistant and are often a requirement for home insurance. Since front and back entry doors are most prone to break-ins, you can commonly find sash locks on doors of these kinds. They’re the ideal protection for your home and we highly recommend these locks for any homeowners.

If you’re in need of any sash lock replacements or lock replacements of any kind, call up the 24/7 London Locksmiths. We guarantee speedy service because we understand that break-ins can be stressful and scary. We work to provide quick high-quality lock replacements so that you can feel safe and at home in your home again.