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Are You Making These Home Security Mistakes?[Infographic]

Home security is a sensitive issue; people tend to ensure their premises with state-of-the-art home security systems. They look for advanced door locks to protect their house from intrusions, burglaries, etc. The use of home security systems is to continuously monitor the external situation of your home so you can feel secure inside with your family. Along with those systems, strong door locks are also imperative as they work explicitly as additional door protection. They give your home security an enhanced grip over undesired interventions. 

The sheer purpose of a door lock is to act as a protective shield to avoid intrusions and give you better control over the entry and exit of your home. Homeowners tend to invest in a variety of door locks such as Chubb door locks, knob locks, etc. In recent years, people have shifted their preference from regular key locks to highly-advanced camera locks that serve the dual purpose of a door lock and a security surveillance system. They come in handy, especially when you’re not at home. Homeowners can get the peace of mind that their valuables are secured at their place, and they can be monitored via the installed door cam systems. 

Since this is an important topic to be discussed, there are often instances where homeowners pay less attention to installing solid door locks and keep on relying on their existing, age-old locking systems. It counts as a critical mistake that could lead to unfortunate robberies, intrusions, etc. Having that said, there are a handful of fundamentally-known things that ought not to be done to make sure you’re precious belongings are safely secured: 

Having Poor Quality Door Locks 

First things first, get rid of old, rusty door locks that you’re relentlessly used for the past many years. Having low-quality, old door locks in your homes is a clear sign of security negligence and can be a reason for ill-fated instances. You must avoid the mistake of using the same locks in your home to reinforce a greater sense of security, safety, and dependability of your possessions. You can minimize the security threats by changing the existing door locks and upgrading your place with new, modern door locks which are durable and function-driven. Modern-day locks come with anti-invasion security systems that make them hard to break and prevent forceful entrance.

Leaving A Spare Key Outside The House 

Often seen in movies, homeowners in real life do this – keep a spare door lock key beside a plant or under the stairs. That is not a safe option if you receive things via delivery systems or regular posts. People who come by your house premises may intently observe the ambiance around your home and devise ways to intrude. Getting the Chubb door lock key outside would be a golden chance for them to steal your possessions. Therefore, the risk of others finding your door key is more than you could ever think. Although it would give you constant access to your spare key if you misplace the original one, so does it for potential violators. 

Protecting Your Privacy Too Much

While it seems a good idea to install high fences, plant an enormous amount of bushes and trees for shade, set up steel gates, etc., they can be an eye-catcher for intruders. Even if you feel a bit more secure by keeping such things, people can work around these things, hide, and plan to violate your personal space. It becomes easy to remain undetected with additional bush areas and fences, especially at night. Therefore, overdoing your security game around your premises could be another mistake homeowners can avoid.

Creating Blind Spots

Although security cameras, or beaming lights, sound a great way to upgrade home security, sadly, they serve a dual purpose. First, they create a room full of light at a designated spot, say your home’s entrance. However, they make a blind, dark spot on the opposite end that could be an accessible space for hiding. Intruders, burglars are aware of these hacks and often look for such blind spots to simplify their way into a property. Thus, even if you plan on installing security cameras or lighting up your driveway, make sure to get advanced motion sensors and alarms to detect any unwanted movements in and around your house.

Leaving Valuables In Plain Sight

Lastly, a frequent mistake made by most homeowners is keeping your valuable possessions like expensive laptops, antiques, car keys, or digital gadgets besides the easily accessible windows. Although most windows are usually on the first or second floors, burglars often find unique ways to reach there and attempt to steal. Leaving your valuables in plain sight acts as an alluring deal for thieves who can capitalize on the opportunity and take all your possessions without you knowing about it. You must consider not throwing off your valuables via windows that could work as an indirect peephole on your wealth and put them at the risk of looting. 


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