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“My Key Snapped In The Lock!” – How Can A Locksmith Help?

When you stick a key in the lock, the last thing you expect is for it to snap off. When this happens, it can ruin your day, especially if you have had a long one. Fortunately, a locksmith can rescue you right away. So, let’s discuss some of the situations where your key might get stuck and how can a professional locksmith help?

Three Simple Reasons Why Your Key Might Get Stuck And You May Require A Chubb Locksmith –

  • The Lock Is Not Lubricated/ In Good Condition: Your key has probably been in various locations. You may store it in your gym bag, carry it around in your pocket, and it may sit at the bottom of a backpack or purse. It accumulates dirt and grime along its journey, and this can cause it to get stuck in the lock if it has not been properly lubricated. Or if your key has rough edges, it can latch and get hooked to the lock pins.

  • The Wrong Key for the Lock: There is also a chance that you might be using the wrong key for the lock. You might believe you have the right key and be concerned that the lock is simply stubborn. If you shove the wrong key into a different lock, it could easily get stuck. Then, when attempting to remove the key, it could break.

  • The Lock Is Broken: If the lock is broken and you shove your key inside, the key could snap off when you try to turn it. As simple as this reads, the aftermath is always a handful!

Chubb Locks – Properties And Benefits

Chubb Locks

To protect your home, you can rely on a Chubb lock. Some of the features and benefits of this type of locking mechanism include:

  • Chubb locks have been designed with a re-locking mechanism. This is a specific feature that has been designed to prevent people from unauthorized access. If someone attempts to pick this lock, an automatic jamming mechanism will keep them out.

  • These locks are designed to alert the owner if it has been tampered with. If you notice that your lock got jammed in its original state, this is a sign that someone has tried to tamper with it.

  • The lock is a lever tumbler lock known for its durability, safety, and reliability. This feature is made with levers that prevent the bolt from moving without the proper key.

These are just a few of the many reasons why so many people have counted on Chubb locks to meet their needs. Even though these locks are secure and reliable, there is a slight chance that your key could snap off inside. What should you do in such a case?

What Do Locksmiths Do If Your Key Gets Snapped In The Lock?


A few ways a locksmith might be able to get the broken key out of a lock include:

  • Use a Key Extractor: They may use a key extractor to try to get the key out of the lock. This is a tool that has been specifically designed to remove broken keys. A spiral key extractor is a small piece of metal with tiny grooves that are designed to grip a broken key. The locksmith inserts the key extractor along the edge of the key, twists the key extractor, and then pulls out the key. One needs to be careful with the extractor because you don’t want to push the key further into the lock.

  • Pliers: If the key is not all the way in the lot, a locksmith may be able to grip it with some pliers. If no portion of the key sticks out, they would avoid this option due to the damage that might happen to the lock.

  • Try a Paperclip: One of the oldest tricks in the book! If you have a paperclip with grooved edges, you might be able to use it to pull the key out of a lock. It would be best to use this tool similar to a key extractor. Slide the paperclip along the edge of the key here fully. Then, twist the paper clip to try to grip the key. Pull the paperclip out slowly, and the key might come with it.

Why Is A Locksmith A Better Option Than Diy?

London Locksmith 24h

No matter what type of lock you are dealing with, a locksmith can help you figure it out. Some of the benefits of reaching out to a locksmith for help with a snapped key include:

  • A locksmith has the proper training and experience to remove the key from a lock even if it is broken. Furthermore, a locksmith has the right tools to get your key out. Unless you are a professional locksmith, you probably do not have a key extractor lying around. A locksmith not only has a key extractor but probably has multiple options to find the best one for your key and your lock.

  • They also understand how to remove the key from the lock without damaging the lock. If you try many large tools to remove the key, you run the risk of damaging the lock. A locksmith can strike the right balance of pulling hard enough to get the key out but not damaging the lock or the door in the process.

  • After removing the key, the locksmith can take a look at the key and the lock to figure out what the problem is. In some cases, the problem might be the key. If that is the case, the locksmith might be able to make you a new key that works better. If there is a problem with the lock, the locksmith can explain the issue and fix it for you.

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