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Best & Cheapest Top 3 Emergency Locksmith Companies in London

If you lost your keys and have no spare, or worse, a burglar broke into your home and destroyed your front door lock; you pretty much have no choice but to call in a professional locksmith.

The good news is there are plenty to choose from in London. The bad news is few are as professional and offer 24-hour service like the Emergency Locksmith London: Mylondonlocksmiths.co.uk, Keymasters-locksmiths.co.uk, and London Locksmith 24h.

These businesses are among the most sought after Locksmiths in the area. When you need an Emergency Locksmith London or your searching for an ’emergency locksmith near me’ on your phone, you know who to call. 

These Emergency Locksmiths London hire only the highest caliber of Locksmiths and bring a small truck along with all the tools to get your life back to normal. They are professional, polite, patient, and courteous, everything you would want in a Locksmith, especially if you have been burglarized. 

And as far as being locked out or being able to open up a vital door in your home or office due to a broken lock mechanism, call us, 24 hours per day. Briefly explain your predicament, and we can generally dispatch a certified lock repair person to you in less time than it takes to get a pizza delivered. 

We know how cold it can get at night in London if you and your family are locked out, and we dispatch technicians quickly. So when you search for an emergency locksmith near me on your phone, skip the rest and call the best. 


Why us and not the competition?

We recognize that when you are locked out of your home or business at 3 in the morning, you are looking for fast service from an emergency locksmith near you. 

However, even a trained gorilla can show up in 30 minutes. That’s the easy part. But it’s the skill of the technician when he arrives that counts. 

Let’s say, for example, there has been an attempted burglary at your home. Nothing was taken, so the robber got spooked early in the process. Yet they did something like jam a crowbar into the door hinge, and you can’t unlock the door.

It’s possible the door lock can be saved. All it needs is a little pressure to unlock the deadbolt, and then a simple rekeying is recommended.

In a case like this, our technicians will unlock the door, rekey it, give you three new sets of keys, and be on their way. 

On the other hand, it’s quite often the case, in burglary attempts, or successes, that a critical element when the lock is destroyed, and you need an entirely new locking system.

That’s great. Here again, any old Joe Blow locksmith company can install a new lock on your front door, back door, garage door, etc. But what kind of lock is it?

Our technicians install only the finest, most secure, and insurance company approved locks, which makes all the difference when it comes to your family’s safety. 

Very often, people are surprised at how quickly burglars can break into their homes or offices. Almost 1/3rd of homes are broken from the front door. A less than secure lock that isn’t insurance approved can often be broken into in 60 seconds, using a crowbar and a power drill. 

And backdoors are often even less secure and will often open merely by a swift kick. 

Consequently, when your home is burglarized, homeowners not only often need new locks but emergency burglary repair and frame repair services. We provide such services, while more than one London Locksmith doesn’t.

Auto Lock-out 

As often as we get calls for emergency lock-out service, and we get a lot of them, we get nearly twice as many call requests for people getting locked out of their vehicles. 

Sure, you can have a tow truck come and tow your car into the dealership, waste nearly 8 hours before you’re unlocked, and spend approximately 200 pounds doing it, but why not simply call us?

First, if your keys get locked into your car, which is often the case, we use special inflatable high-intensity rubber balloons to gently open the door a few centimeters, without destroying the molding around the door. All we need is a slight gap, and then with a unique steel hook, we can open most car doors in under five minutes. 

On the other hand, if you have no idea where your keys are, we have the technology to offer emergency services for replacing a car key. Reprogramming Key Fobs, in a fraction of the time, would take to get it done at a dealer and much more reasonable cost.

There’s no need to be locked out of your car for a day, call an expensive tow truck, and miss substantial hours at work. Even at 4 in the morning, we can offer you emergency services. 

More things a locksmith can do? 

Did you know that locksmiths are frequently called upon to unlock gun safes and storage safes? It’s true, and with our trusted credentials, we work with a great many safe companies and know how to reset a safe to factory specs. There is no reason for either ruining your existing secure, nor drilling holes in it or any of those silly things you see in the movies about opening a safe.

Are there some safes we can’t open? Sure there are, but most people don’t have a quarter-million-dollar safe in their bedroom with two-foot thick stainless steel walls. Believe it or not, there are some safes that we can open in less than a minute. Others take 15-30 but rest assured, we can help you retrieve your valuables. 

Other services 

Believe it or not, most of our business is non-emergency work. Homeowners and business owners both call us in to evaluate their security from top to bottom.

The first reason we called in for work is non-emergency changing of the locks in the house. It could be because of an attempted burglary, but often, the first thing that homeowners (even renters) do when moving into a new house or apartment is changing the locks on their home. If it’s a business, changing the locks to the business. 

This makes perfect sense because you never know how many people previously had access, and maybe still have access to the keys to your home or office. 

While our technicians are at your home, they will offer a complimentary inspection of the security of your home to help you and your family feel safe.

And this doesn’t just include locks. The first thing they will do is inspect all your windows, especially your upstairs windows. Do you know that the point of entry for many burglaries is neither your front or back door, but your windows, particularly the upstairs window?

All potential burglars need to break into a two-story house is carry a ladder to the side of the house, and climb up to the second-story window? Most people don’t lock their upper windows, and that’s a big and costly mistake. 

Another popular entranceway is sliding glass doors to your back door. You need reliable, UPC locks for all your sliding doors and windows.

Another security hole people don’t realize is the ever-popular dog doors to the following year. While it may be functional to let the dog go in and out when he pleases, understand that burglars are not opposed to merely hunching down and entering the same door into your house. 

Another weakness is doors that go from outside to garage and then another door that goes into your house. Unless these doors have sturdy deadbolts, burglars can use sophisticated garage door simulators to open many garage door models. Once into the garage, unless there’s a robust deadbolt system, you might leave a welcome sign and some cookies for thieves. 

One of the most popular requests for our locksmiths is to upgrade the doors. This means not only reinforcing the doors against brute force, having locks with very strong deadbolts, but frequently moving from a key lock to a keypad lock.

With keypad locks, you need a typically 6-digit code to get into the door, and the fantastic thing about them is you can synchronize it with your cell phone. 

This means if you are at work, not only will you be alerted if anyone enters the door via your cell phone, but you are worried you forgot to lock your house, you can lock it from work.

And if you have a teenager that comes home from school, or a housekeeper or home aid, you can give them a code for the door, rather than a key. 

Keycode locks are useful because they give you alerts when the door opens or closes, you may limit access, say from 10 a.m. to noon, for example, and if for any reason you believe that the code has been compromised, you can change it instantly. 

If you are in London, and have any security needs whatsoever, contact,  Mylondonlocksmiths.co.uk, Keymasters-locksmiths.co.uk, and London Locksmith 24h for your security needs.