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How to Reinforce and Burglar-Proof Your Entry Door

Protecting your family and your home is more important than you can imagine. It doesn’t matter where you live and how big your home is – you can become a victim of burglary before you know it.

This is why taking your safety potential to the next level and ensuring your family is absolutely safe is a must. There are lots of ways to do that, and reinforcing your entry door is one of the best solutions. Doing this will help you and your loved ones feel safer every single day, so here’s how to do that.


Check your entry doors first

Even though you may think your entry door isn’t safe at all, you could be wrong. This is a mistake lots of homeowners make, so don’t worry if you’re one of them. Just because your home is old or it hasn’t been renovated in a while doesn’t mean your entry door is as unreliable as you think.

This is why you should check your door first and assess how good it is before you do anything else. If you notice the lock isn’t working properly or that it’s not as protective as you thought it was, you can plan ahead and think about repairing your door. Installing a new entry door is also a great idea, and what’s even better is that you can probably do this on your own quite easily. After completing that project, you’ll feel great and your family will be protected, so it’s a win-win scenario for you.

Replace the deadbolt

After checking your door thoroughly or having it inspected by a professional, there are two things you can do – installing a new door or repairing your current one. While the former might be a better option in the long run, it’s not exactly the most affordable idea, which is why lots of homeowners decide to repair their front door. But, what they don’t know is that sometimes replacing the deadbolt turns out to be quite enough.

This project won’t take more than 30 minutes and it can be handled even by a layperson. You just have to remove the old deadbolt using a screwdriver – make sure you don’t lose your screws in the process, though – and measure the cylinder hole so that you can buy a new deadbolt that matches these measurements. Then just install a new deadbolt screwing it in, and you’re good to go! This handy little trick might go a long way and protect your home for good.

Update your security

Lots of homeowners don’t mind spending tons of money on new entry doors and other features that are supposed to boost their security potential. Others, however, are looking for a quick and easy solution that’s simple and affordable, but still quite effective. What you need to do, though, is find a balance and update your security without spending too much money.

Luckily, living in the 21st century means there are tons of options to choose from, and what most people opt for are security cameras as an extra feature that accompanies their burglar-proof door. With so many models on the market, finding the right CCTV camera shouldn’t be too hard, so just get informed and learn as much about these as you can before you make your choice.

Install new shields

If you live in a particularly scary neighborhood where burglaries happen quite frequently, installing an EZ Armor kit might not be a bad idea. It comes with several different shields that are guaranteed to protect your entry doors against burglars, so it’s definitely a solution worth exploring.

Installing these shields is another simple DIY project and all you’ll need is a drill and some screws. After around 15 minutes of work, your door will be reinforced and your home security taken to the next level, driving all those persistent burglars away.

Making your entry door burglar-proof might not seem like the easiest project in the world, but it’s actually not that hard to do. Just find the idea that works for you the most and dedicate some time to this issue as soon as possible – before your local burglars realize how unprotected you really are.

Kevin has gone through an extensive home renovation with his son, which he has both

thoroughly enjoyed, and dreaded every morning. He is now the proud owner of half his dream house (the other half has been waiting for spring). You can read more of Kevin’s work on PlainHelp.