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A Guide To The Features Of 24/7 Locksmith Services [Infographic]

Imagine coming back from work after a long day only to find that you are missing your house key, even worse, a broken front door lock that shows clear signs of burglary.


You may find it hard to believe, but a burglary or theft attempt takes place in the UK after every 45 seconds, and around 25% of victims have admitted having been robbed more than once in a lifetime. Even though the burglary numbers are catastrophic, around 65% of Brits admit that they never lock the front door while leaving the house.


Our disregard towards our safety, combined with non-stop break-ins, translates into a colossal one million burglary attempts every year. Now, we don’t have any intention of calling you an incautious citizen. However, we would want to educate you about the practical actions that you can take against these dangerous larceny attempts.


Even though the nationwide theft stats show that the issue has been pretty out of hand, one can still secure the premises of their house by seeking expert locksmiths.




When should you call them?

A locksmith service helps keep your premises secure, and the work doesn’t stop at the front door. The service can also help protect the inside of the house by installing reliable door locks. Apart from that they also provide safeguarding solutions for all your priceless valuables and possessions.

  • Helps you when you lose a key

A locksmith service can help you when you have lost a key, no matter the door, a 24/7 locksmith service can help you day or night. You can bank on a reliable locksmith service to never leave you vulnerable and out in the open.

  • Dependable front door protection

A locksmith can be hired to replace a broken lock, or you can also seek the assistance of a locksmith service when you want to equip your front door with impregnable security.

  • Beyond front door expertise

Typically, a locksmith service is believed to be effective for only front door protection solutions. However, a specialized locksmith service protects your home way beyond the front porch by strengthening your vaults and safes.

  • Locksmith for every door

A locksmith can help you in rekeying or upgrading your existing car locks. Losing a car key should be immediately confronted by upgrading your car with reliable locks. A lost car key exposes your vehicle to the dangers of carjacking, take immediate action, and avoid an unfortunate outcome.

  • For all kind of lock upgrades and replacement

From effective padlocks to the strenuous Banham locks, an expert locksmith service offers efficient lock upgrades that stronghold your doors and vaults against any attempt of burglary.

Benefits of a 24/7 locksmith service

  • Provides prompt rekeying solutions
  • Combines technological advancement protection measures with trademark lock security
  • Locks are insured with a 1-year warranty
  • Provides multiple sets of duplicate keys
  • Provides regular upgrades if requested by the customer
  • Services are exceptionally affordable
  • Instant action upon request


What more will they offer you?

Apart from the safeguarding your premises with impregnable safety locks and protection hardware, the 24/7 London locksmith will offer you the following features:

  • Dependable front door and beyond security solutions
  • Instant 24/7 service
  • Innovative and effective premises protection
  • A full one year promise of trust on all their locks and vaults
  • Distinguishing expertise and services


Where can you reach them?

Offering professional solutions all over London, our dependable 24/7 London locksmith service will find you anywhere.

You can reach 24/7/ London locksmith service in:

  • North West London
  •  North London
  • East London
  • South West London
  • South East London
  • West London
  • Central London
  • The outskirts of London