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How to Secure your Home from Robbers This Summer

Nice weather, barbecues, and vacations – what most of us think of when we feel the first June breeze. But home burglary is another common association to the warmest season. In the summer months, crime can increase up to 10%. It’s chilling, but sadly true.

If you’re planning on leaving home for the summer, don’t leave it unprotected.

Here’s all the security you need.

The Strongest Door Locks for This (and Any Other) Summer

A door lock is the first line of defense against criminals, but getting the best one for your home isn’t always a walk in the park. For starters, you have to choose between knobs/levers and deadbolts, but in reality style, price, and functionality all matter way less than actual quality.

As for the initial dilemma, knobs and levers are only a secondary defense. Your home needs a strong deadbolt to keep it protected throughout the year, which also means that the lock’s endurance is the first and most important quality to look for. Experts say, opt for Grade 1 deadbolts with a 1-inch throw.

If you choose to install a mortice lock – which is the most secure kind you can find on the market – there’s no chance of anyone being able to break in. Rim locks are another safe choice since they provide convenience and are easily fitted. Look for the BSI Kitemark, as it is another market of quality.

The Smartest Door Locks for Digitally Native Homeowners

Of course, the digital age has allowed tech-savvy homeowners to control their households with smart devices, making smart door locks just as secure as their mechanical counterparts. Fingerprint scanners and Bluetooth-enabled deadbolts are already on the market, operated by mobile phones and laptops.

In this category, Kwikset Kevo 925 Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt and iTouchless Stainless Steel Bio-Matic Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Lock take the cake. Not only are these keyless locks very convenient, but they also use state-of-the-art technology and security measures that even hackers cannot crack.

The Insiders’ Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe from Burglars

Along with a quality door lock, which every household needs, homeowners should employ a number of additional security tricks. Home alarm systems immediately come to mind, and for a good reason. They can be connected to your smartphone too, letting you know if someone approaches your home.

A security camera is another convenient solution, just as well as motion-sensor lights that detect the slightest unusual movements. Even though burglars could hardly pass through this fourth or fifth line of defense, keep your valuable belongings under another lock and password-protect all your devices.

Also, never advertise your security. Planting a security company’s sign along the walkway will only give robbers revealing clues to work with and make their job easier. The point of these safety measures is both to forestall them and to keep them away. If it is too much trouble, they will go somewhere else.