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The Best Locks in the Industry Right Now

Not many know that the very first lock in the world is a thousand years old. Just like anything else in this world today, traditional locks are also evolving, and their development is pretty rapid. Even though the basic mechanism is more or less still the same, experts and specialists in the locksmith industry are working very hard to find a suitable replacement for the lock and key system as we know it.

That is how locks got into the digital age. Today, traditional locks are being replaced by smart locks and you can thank the hospitality industry for that. They learned the hard way that keys are simple to copy and bypass, get lost easily, and they’re not cheap to replace at all.

So, they needed a better solution, one that can be applied almost instantly. Hence the introduction of key cards and, in some more advanced hotels, solutions based on smartphones. Electronic lock systems are much easier to handle and being highly configurable, changing a digital lock is much faster and easier. Digital locks allow the design of different keys, which is convenient for any type of situation.

Smart lock technology has become the future of the industry but if you are still loyal to the traditional lock and key system, here are the best locks in the industry.

Conventional Deadbolts

Maybe you won’t get fancy features with these models but you’re still ensured a high level of security. Such locks tend to keep your door completely secure against all sorts of assaults such as drilling, picking or kicking. You can choose between drill-proof or high-end models or you can go with the common and inexpensive models that are easily obtainable in almost every store.

Deadbolts can be rekeyed and contain a single cylinder. In case that you want to rekey your deadbolt lock without hiring a professional locksmith to do it, you need to pick a particular model. When it comes to security, deadbolts are the best option over any other key-in-knob solution.

Premium Brands

There are a lot of good deadbolt locks out there, but you’re best bet is to go with a premium brand lock. Our recommended brands are Master Lock and Baldwin. Both are premium brands with the highest quality products in the industry. They offer both conventional and smart deadbolt locks that provide a high level of security and safety for your home.

Baldwin should be your number one choice in the lock category. You can choose from a wide variety of products. On the other hand, Master Lock is one of the most famous brands in the world and they definitely live up to their great reputation.

Master Locks’ offers include various security products, padlocks, and combination locks, their most popular products. Almost every hardware store sells these products. With these two brands, you’ll be able to find what you need and you’re guaranteed to get one of the best locks in the industry.