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Lock Exchange and Repair Old Door in Chiswick W4, London, UK

This morning we were contacted by a woman from Chiswick that knew about us from one of her neighbors, where we did a great job as he said, a few weeks ago. She told us that she needs to secure it’s garden annex because its lock was broken last night. We should solve this issue as soon as possible because she should go to work in one hour and a half.

Old doors and their lock are always a challenge for inexperienced locksmiths because their wood is deprecated and can face many problems when you want to place a new lock on it. We never step back from challenges, so we replaced hundreds of locks, installed the new strong lock on old doors to increase the safety of our client’s annex, home, garage, and the other doors.

It wasn’t a simple intervention, but we successful replace the old lock, with a new one and repaired the door to be stronger for the next burglars who will try to break it. Overall this old door now looks like a stronger one even if it isn’t a door with a high security level, but it will let the impression of hard to get for usual burglars and will protect all the garden tools of our happy client from Chiswick W4.

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Mission: Open an annex and replace the old lock with a new one, to increase the security of garden tools
Emergency: Unlock an annex which old lock was broken and need to be replaced
Lock: Usual old lock exchange
Location: Chiswick, West 4, London, United Kingdom
Phone Call date & time: Friday, November 10, 2017, 07:30 AM
Arrival time: 07:40 PM (~10 minutes)
Work time: 35 minutes due to the old door wood rotten

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