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Opening a padlock in London turned into … More

We received a call from a new customer who heard about us for the first time by performing a Google search for our services. He asked us to help him by opening an old rusty padlock, but upon our arrival at the customer’s location, we discovered that his home was suffering from insufficient security with an old garage door and access gate. You can view both items in the images below.

To perform the initial unlocking service and improve the home’s security measures, we sent two technicians who could help him complete the entire job. We received the call from Acton, one of London’s districts we have the most calls alongside Chiswick. Our locksmiths arrived at the location within 22 minutes and made an inventory of all the items needed to finish the task. They then placed an order and returned the next day to complete the carpentry work and finally, Friday, we helped the customer by installing the new door and locking systems.

Mission: Unlock the padlock of an old garage
Emergency: Unlock an annex with an old broken lock that required replacing
Lock: Usual old lock exchange
Location: Acton, West 3, London, United Kingdom
Phone Call date & time: Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 10:30 AM
Arrival time: 10:52 PM (~20 minutes)
Work time: Initial unlock took approx. 10 minutes, which turned into 3 days of complete door and lock replacement with the help of 2 technicians (more time waiting was required for materials for doors to arrive)

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