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Lockdown and Locksmith: Here’s What You Need to Know!

COVID-19 has paralyzed most business operations worldwide. If you are planning on seeking locksmith services in the UK, you are probably wondering whether they are still operating and if the locksmith prices due to emergency have changed.

While most businesses remain closed, most locksmith business stores are still operational for any lock related emergencies. They have recently been permitted to provide locksmith services 24 hours to both domestic and commercial customers. However, they strictly follow the government guidelines for ensuring social distancing and maintaining hygiene.

To understand the current situation of the locksmith business, including changes to locksmith prices and emergency locksmith prices in the UK as lockdown continues to be imposed by the government, continue reading this article.


Will Locksmith Services Cost More Because Of COVID-19?

No, COVID-19 will not negatively influence costs in this industry, resulting in skyrocketing prices like other sectors. Both locksmith prices and emergency locksmith prices will remain the same. If you are in the UK, expect to continue paying the exact costs as before the COVID-19.

However, depending on the company you seek services from, both locksmith prices and emergency locksmith prices may vary from one company to another. For instance, changing locks in the UK starts at 85 pounds and goes up to 115 pounds depending on the lock quality.

Factors affecting price variation for replacing locks

  • Lock brand: some lock brands require extensive work to return then and hence end up costing more than others
  • Working hours: If you request locksmith services outside of working hours, you are expected to pay more
  • Distance: What is your location? If the distance is long, charges will increase.
  • Company size: Sole proprietorship locksmith prices are low compared to a medium-sized company
  • Location: If you live in major cities like London, expect to pay more than those in small and rural settings


Why are some lock doors more costly to open?

Various techniques can be used to unlock the door. Each method has a varying time based on the type of lock involved. Some locks are easy to open, while others are a bit complicated and take more time.

To avoid getting scammed on prices and quality services, refer to the locksmith pricing guide of 2021.

How Do Call-Out Services Work Now?

How have the call-out services been affected by COVID-19? Have the emergency locksmith prices on call-out services increased?

First, there are no call-out charges that the industry has imposed as a result of COVID-19. Irrespective of when you call for emergency locksmith services, the costs remain the same as before the pandemic.

Whether it is a chilly night or hot night, emergency services are still available around the clock. Thus, they continue offering services 24/7 at the usual cost.

However, the prices might change based on the magnitude of the work carried out. This is something that has been there even before the pandemic.


  • Response rate


Approximately 95% of all calls are dealt with within one hour.

What are the charges for an emergency locksmith service per hour?

Under normal circumstances, you can expect to pay roughly 65 pounds per hour. However, expect the prices to increase after midnight and during weekends. Similarly, the charges might increase depending on the distance the locksmith travels to reach your location.


  • What are call-out charges?


Call-out charges may include fees for coming to the site plus the initial time on the site before starting work. Other call-out charges may consist of the cost of traveling to the job site, primarily when you are located far from the service providers.

While most locksmith call-out charges are free, it is essential during the inquiry to ask for a quotation of the total costs, including a call-out fee, if any. Usually, the charges that the locksmith charges include the first hour of work and spare parts used.

Are Locksmith Services Available 24/7 During The Lockdown?

A lockout can happen to anyone and at any time. The thought of sleeping outside or not getting out to work can be scary, especially with the current restrictions regarding social distancing. With most business operations on lockdown, you are probably wondering if the locksmith businesses are operating at their full potential of providing services 24/7.


However, you do not have to be stressed about being locked in or locked out; essential services are still operational. One of those industries is the locksmith sector. All types of locksmiths, including automotive, residential, commercial, master key, and high-security services, are available 24/7, irrespective of time.

While some retail shops might be closed, most locksmiths are still operational, providing no emergency locksmith services at your doorstep. If you are experiencing a lockout during this pandemic period, worry not, as the locksmith industry is still operational and continues to offer its services throughout the day. Also, you do not have to worry about the increase in emergency locksmith prices as the costs of locksmith services remain unaffected by the pandemic.

Locksmith services remain operational, providing round-the-clock services to clients. However, please expect to be asked numerous questions regarding your health status before they can attend to you. Such information will ensure they are fully protected against the possibility of catching the virus. 

Are Locksmiths Taking Precautions While Performing Their Services?

Yes, locksmiths are allowed by the government to continue providing their services as long as they strictly follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines.

At the shops

When customers visit their shops, they ensure they keep social distancing and even sanitizing before entering the store. At the counter, they serve one customer at a time to avoid overcrowding. Apart from observing the one-meter social distancing rule, customers must at all times keep their masks on while at the shop.

When providing their services to homesteads, they still observe social distancing. With all the information of what the locksmith is expected to do, they can carry out their job without requiring you to be present.

They also ensure they sanitize before and after finishing their tasks.

Can they provide services to customers suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19?

If you are sick and afraid of the possibility of not receiving locksmith services, you have nothing to worry about as they can still provide locksmith services to you. They will wear complete personal protective equipment as they comply with the state regulations of the COVID-19 safety.

However, it is essential to let the locksmith know during your initial phone conversation that you are self-isolating. This will assist them in ensuring they are fully protected when visiting your home.

Inform the locksmith of everything you need to avoid back and forth or incomplete work. Besides, some locksmiths offer only essential services. If your work does not fall in that category, it will save you time to have the wrong person at your house and ensure you seek other locksmith service providers providing the services you need.

Understand the mode of payment before they come to your house. This will ensure you do not experience a confrontation after the service delivery. Some locksmiths accept only credit cards as the mode of payment.

What services can a locksmith help with during the lockdown?

During this period of a pandemic, the locksmith industry categorized its services into two. They are essential and non-essential locksmith services. Some locksmith businesses are providing critical work only, while others cut across.


It is essential when considering locksmith services to inquire during the initial phone conversations what services they are offering. This will determine if they will offer the services or whether you need to look for another one.

Essential locksmith services

This list comprises locksmith services that they consider essential to provide during this period of a pandemic.

  • 24/7 emergency locksmith call outs
  • Problem with front and back doors not locking
  • Opening locked doors if locked in or out
  • Key cutting
  • Door lock repairs
  • Safe Opening
  • Lock replacement
  • Emergency locksmith services
  • Lost car keys
  • Auto work for the ambulance and other vital workers
  • Non-essential locksmith services

The following list comprises work that businesses might consider non-essential during the current period of a pandemic. In other words, they are not a priority. However, that does not mean they do not offer them.

Some locksmith businesses offer essential and non-essential services, while others have specialized in critical services during this period.

  • · Lock upgrades
  • · Access control system
  • · CCTV system installations
  • · Fitting security grilles and gates
  • · Replacement of doors and window locks
  • · Non-emergency auto locksmith
  • -Car key cutting or programming spare car key
  • – Repair of spare car keys

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