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Your guide to the security rating of door locks!

Whether it is for your home, office, or other types of properties, using high-quality door locks is vital to the security and safety. It is also important to use the correct lock most suited for the door it is to be installed on. The door is the first place that most intruders will attempt to break into as it is one of the most accessible entry points.

If you install the appropriate lock, it is more difficult for intruders to break in therefore increasing your property’s security and safety. High-quality and reputed door lock brands such as Ingersoll Door Locks provide optimum reliability. Also, using a lock with extra-long bolts can help improve the security of most types of door locks. Here is more information about some of the most common types of door locks.

Knob Locks


Most types of doors are equipped with a knob lock, which has a lock cylinder. This type of door lock might be less expensive than other door locks, but it does not offer a high level of security. It can easily be broken into with a wrench, hammer, or other basic tools. Another security issue with the knob locks is that the latch is small, making it susceptible to be easily broken. Intruders can kick the door with a knob lock and get in. If you have a knob lock on the door, you might want to install other types of locks in combination with the knob lock or replace the knob lock with a more secure type of door lock.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks can be installed in combination with other types of door locks or by themselves. Unlike the knob lock, there is no spring mechanism. To unlock or lock a deadbolt, you will have to simply turn a key retracting or extending the bolt into the strike plate on the door frame. This mechanism provides a relatively strong and secure lock for the door. The latch of the deadbolt lock is stronger, making it difficult for intruders to break in.

There are different categories of deadbolt locks, including single, double, and C categories. With a single cylinder deadbolt lock, the lock is accessed only from one side, whereas a double cylinder deadbolt lock can be accessed from both sides of the door. Some more advanced versions of the deadbolt lock include a digital deadbolt, keyless deadbolt, or a mortise deadbolt.

Cam Locks

Cam locks are most commonly used for doors, drawers, or cabinets. A cam lock is typically built within the door, drawer, or cabinet frame, making it look smaller as most of the lock’s body is not visible. To open or close the door, the cam rotates between 90 and 180 degrees. This simple yet sturdy door lock offers a decent level of protection, but compatibility with the door type can be an issue. This type of door lock might be more suitable for a garage door. For protection from intruders, cam locks are not very easy to break provided that they are installed with proper support from the frame or door they are installed on.



As a free-standing lock, the padlock offers complete portability. That means that this type of door lock does not need to be permanently attached to the door. Although padlocks come in various shapes and sizes, two primary categories are combination or keyed padlocks, with further subcategories. Some padlocks contain a shouldered shackle providing extra protection from bolt cutters. If you are planning on using a padlock for the door, make sure the frame is secure, otherwise the frame is more likely to break than the padlock. There are various grades of padlocks depending on the number of keys that differ in the locking mechanism. A grade 6 padlock offers the highest security and protection and is ideal for a huge door. For a typical home or office door, a grade 5 padlock is more commonly used.

Mortise Locks

For external doors, heavy-duty mortise locks are a great option as a secure and powerful lock. The locking mechanism of a mortise lock makes it more like a lock-set than just a lock. A pocket or mortise will have to be cut on the edge of the door to install this type of lock. There are different mortise locks, including a sash lock, level locks, auxiliary latch, or deadlock. For the most secure mortise locks, pick a lock that has a long cylinder component. The classical appearance of the mortise lock makes them attractive for use on doors. The sash lock version of the mortise lock allows you to open the door using a door spindle from the inside, so there is no need to use a key.

Smart Locks

If you are a tech-savvy person, you might consider using electric locks to secure your door. Electric locks come in a wide variety ranging from light-duty inexpensive versions to extremely high-end and expensive locks. Smart locks may come with advanced features such as Bluetooth, fingerprint, or Wi-Fi-enabled lock. Some electric locks might provide all the extra features for convenience, but they might not be any more secure than regular mechanical locks. The battery or electric supply required for electric locks might be a problem if you are not a regular lock user. Other issues such as power outages might also create issues with electric locks that use power from the property.

Security Ratings

Choosing the right type of lock from a reputed brand such as Ingersoll Door Locks ensures your home’s security. It is equally as important to have a secure door frame; otherwise, a strong lock will not be as effective. With all the locks mentioned above, mortise locks provide the best security rating and are ideal for commercial doors, apartment doors, or glass entry doors. The deadbolt lock is a close second, especially when used on external doors.


The knob door lock is best for interior doors but may not offer a high level of security. High-quality knob doors will protect from lock bumping, in which the intruder gently “bumps” a key cut into the door lock to open it. Bumping doesn’t require a lot of skill and is one of the major vulnerabilities of the knob door lock. A locksmith can add additional pins to the knob door to add more security to the door lock, making it more difficult for any intruder to gain access.

The padlock can be extremely strong, but that depends on the type of padlock being used. Some heavy-duty padlocks can have a very high-security rating. The use of the padlock might be limited to only certain doors, such as shed doors.

There are several other categories or subcategories of the door not mentioned in this article. When choosing the right type of door lock, you will need to consider the type of door and property you are trying to secure. Apart from security, other factors such as cost, appearance, and ease of installation will also have to be considered when choosing the right door lock.

What To Do When Locked Out?

If you find yourself locked out of your home or office, you can use the services of a reliable locksmith in the area to help you gain access. In some cases, you might even lock yourself inside your home or office due to a door lock that has malfunctioned. Or you have lost the key required to open the door from the inside. In any case, you can contact us at London Locksmith 24h for all types of locksmith services, including emergency door opening.

If you cannot locate the keys to the door, we can make new keys for you, or you can opt to get new locks installed. If you are not the property owner, you should inform the owner that you have lost the keys. You will most likely need their permission before you can change the door locks.

Locksmith Services in London

At London Locksmith 24h, we service all areas of London and nearby locations. Apart from the emergency door opening, we offer several other types of locksmith services. Our trained and experienced staff can perform lock replacement or installation service for doors, windows, cabinets, and more. We can also advise our customers on additional security upgrades for your home or office.

If you have had a break into your property, we can offer repair services for the doors and windows. We also provide a door opening service for the car door. We can also help to choose the best door lock for your property. The ideal door lock ensures that your property is safe and provides easy access when you need to use the door. Feel free to contact us at London Locksmith 24h to set up any locksmith service.