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Top 10 Reasons To Secure Your Home With ERA Home Security

UK neighborhoods and communities deserve to live and work with the best security features available. The 24/7 London Locksmith home security and window locks services have developed and supported the latest in smart-home solutions with a vast range of products to meet the needs of all our customers.

Unlike many other security home and business companies, ERA has been serving Britain for over 175 years. The UK Burglary Statistics Center reports that household burglaries occur 6% of the time when there are no security features.

However, attempted burglaries happen 1% of the time when window locks and home security systems are in place. Once you lock your windows with traditional locks or when you lock your doors when leaving home, you assume that you are secure.

Modern thieves are up-to-date on how to enter your business or home with ease. Don’t give potential thieves the comfort of entering your building. Discourage them with today’s innovative security systems. When you install the right London Locksmith home security and window locks systems, you are investing in your family’s safety.

Understanding which security products to use can be confusing. For this reason, our entire security teams like the ERA Home Security and ERA Window Locks can help you choose the right security systems that will give you the peace of mind that you deserve. We provide a quality, secure list of installers to keep your home protected with the right bespoke security devices, sound advice, and home security guidance.

Let’s look at the top 10 reasons to secure your home with ERA Home Security and ERA Window Locks:

1. Door Locks An Invincible Security

Household door locks are designed with a cylinder feature. Unfortunately, they are too easy to access. Someone can open up the cylinder by removing a few screws and voila, you are in. When you use the innovative ERA Invincible door locks, you are using a locking system that can hold off a potential intruder for several minutes, which they can’t afford. The Invincible multipoint cylinder lock is attack resistant. This door lock is designed with more metal than a traditional cylinder lock. This means that it is strong enough to withstand being picked, drilled, or is bump resistant. It features a reinforced backplate where you can use a key on one side, and you are met with an ERA Thumbturn on the other.

2. Lockdown System

Not only can you be at peace that your home is well secured while you are home, but you can also feel secure when you are away from home. ERA further features its “lockdown” system. The “lockdown” device keeps your family inside safe when an intruder is attempting to gain entrance. With a “lockdown” device, an intruder’s attempt will prove futile. Lock this security device onto a door entrance, including swinging or double doors. As a secondary locking device, the ERA “lockdown” product is easy to affix, but very difficult for someone to enter in without your permission.

Nothing is more secure than the right bespoke “night-latch” and/or “mortice” lock. A night latch is a rim lock that mounts from the inside and with a key from the outside. This deadlocked mechanism for various style doors features an internal locking handle. It can be deadlocked via an inside key that burns anti-clockwise. A professional installer can install a mortice lock as it is mounted with the frame of a door rather than outside.
The London Locksmith experienced team can assist you in choosing the best door locks, jammers, and bolted security systems that meet your family’s security requirements.

3. Secure Your Windows With Quality Locks

Euro windows are most often designed as an Espagnolette, a Shootbolt, or a Tilt and Turn. The Espagnolette window locks via locks mounted to the face bar. A Shootbolt locks the same as an Espagnolette but with an additional shoot bolt that extends outward and then locks into place. A tilt and turn window locking mechanism contains different types of locks, hinges, and handles for casement windows.

In the UK, one in ten burglaries occurs through a locked window. Therefore, the best deterrent is a visible window locking system. When you install ERA Window Locks like the Window Restrictor, a Snaplock, or a locking handle, then you have installed a secure and robust security system. Whether you are making improvements to your home or you are adding additional security measures, quality window locks are your best defense.

4. Smart Home Alarms

An ERA Home Guard Pro package provides you security even when you are away from home. Features include the following:

• You can monitor several areas of the house simultaneously
• Personalized oral and phone call alerts
• A variety of detectors, camera’s, and sensors
• App-controlled system via a Smartphone
• Easily integrate with other ERA smart devices.

5. Video Door Intercom System
With an ERA video door intercom system, you can talk to and see who your visitors are. There are a variety of wired and wireless video intercom brands. You can personalize your ERA home security system. There are remote alert notifications that can be sent to your cellphone or computer. Would you like a standalone video intercom system or one that easily integrates into your existing home security network. With video door intercom systems, your images are very clear. Therefore whoever appears at your doorway, including delivery persons, you can see them easily and speak to them remotely when needed.

You also have the advantage of ERA Window Locks with your intercom system.

6. Wireless Door Intercom System

The ERA E1000 Wireless Door Intercom is a wireless system. It gives you the comfort of answering the door via an intercom and great security for homes and businesses. The E1000 is weatherproof with features like adjustable ring tones, long-range operating field, and two-way conversation capability. ERA can equip you with a wireless video intercom system. It will help to meet all your security needs. It will also allow you to have a secure and discrete entry control. When your doorbell rings, you are instantly connected to a 2-way communication system no matter where you are located.

7. Digital Telephone Intercom System

The ERA E2000 Wireless Digital Telephone Intercom system is equipped for a two-way conversation. It is designed to work with a traditional landline phone, allowing for a long communication range. No longer will you need to walk to a door to find out who your visitor may be. When someone rings your doorbell, you simply answer by using your phone and portable handset. Additional features to keep you and your loved ones safe include both a powerful and mute feature. If it is someone you know coming to your door, then their information will appear on an LCD screen. You can customize your ringer options, and a variety of volume control levels are available.

8. ERA Valiant Wireless Solar Siren Alarm Kit

There are occasions when power is lost, and you feel exposed without any electricity for your security system. The ERA Valiant Wireless Solar Siren Alarm Kit is a standalone alarm system for your whole household or business. As a wireless siren alarm, no one dares to enter your building illegally without its 110db system, placing the entire neighborhood on alert. Powered with solar energy, the Valiant Siren Kit features a flashing light system, a smartphone alarm notification, magnetic door and window sensors, a remote control button, and it is weatherproof.

9. A Padlock Locking Device

The sight of a thick, sturdy metal padlock is often enough to stay the thoughts of a potential thief. Padlocks help to secure gates, doors, garages, and more. The ERA padlocks are made from high quality hardened steel. It features an anti-drill plate that will not break very easily. Having a quality padlock for businesses and home sheds, etc., will keep even an experienced crook from succeeding in opening its steel body. When you need to lock up simple things, and you don’t want to fuss with keys and combinations, then a reliable padlock is a great option. Padlocks are made from innovative materials like brass, steel, and aluminum.

10. Decorative Hardware

Many years ago, your only option for locksmith products was bland steel. Today any ERA Home Security or ERA Window Locks can be made to match your interior or exterior décor. Now you have the decorating options of choosing from around 200 items. Your choices can include details surrounding color, finishes, and styles. For example, choose from our classic series, heritage series, S-series, and architectural series.

As your London Locksmith 24h, we are here to keep our greater London community secure and safe. With partners like the ERA Home Security products, our residential and commercial are guaranteed to be fitted with whatever security system you would like personalized. Our certified mobile locksmiths are always ready to help you. Remember, as noted in our name, London Locksmith is available for all 24-hour emergencies like lock-outs, upgrades, and improvements. Call us today for all your security needs. Keep our phone number in your smartphone just in case, because things happen in life unawares. It is when you need the best – 24/7 London Locksmith Services.