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Why Change the Locks of Your Newly Purchased Property?

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Secure Your Home with the Best Locksmiths in London

A secure home means that the people inside are safe. Locksmiths in London know how to install the most secure locksets so unwanted guests cannot make their way inside easily.

Newly purchased homes are only protected if the locks are changed. The previous owner still has the key to the entrances and can enter anytime they wish. Friends and family of the previous owners may also have access to the house. This could pose a significant danger.

Is Your New Property Secure?

The primary thing to be sure of is that your home is no less than absolutely secure. Once the homeowner is the rightful owner, security is the first thing to set up after the signatures and paperwork is completed.

Windows, doors, and any entranceway must be secure, and many have locks with keys. There is no telling how many people had the keys before the new homeowner moved in.

Locks are what keep people out of the home. If the previous owners have keys to those locks, the house is not secure, and the family inside is at risk of danger. There is no way to know if the previous owners or the people who had access to the keys to the home are trustworthy and honest.

If the home has the original locks and more than one family lives there, it gives more people access to the locks. No one knows how many keys were made and dispersed to others.

Why Change the Locks?

Some people may need to learn the security reasons for changing the locks. They may feel safe with the new home they purchased, but the truth is that it’s not so great without the knowledge that the house is secure.

The whole point of a home is not only for shelter and a place to live; it is also the family’s haven for protection from the outside world. But is it safe?

These are the things to consider if wondering why people should change the locks after purchasing a home.

  • Previous tenants of rental homes and old homeowners will not have access to entry;
  • The new homeowner can choose the style of lock that suits them best in the change;
  • Upgrading the locks for better quality at the time of the change;
  • It offers a sense of peace of mind concerning safety without others having duplicate keys that fit the locks.
  • Better security becomes the top priority in the family.

Not Changing the Locks Can Invalidate Your Insurance

Insurance companies try to find ways not to pay claims when something happens. Not changing the locks on the newly purchased home allows burglars to walk in and make themselves feel at home, which they will.

It is compared to leaving the door open for people to come in and steal because they do not have to break anything to enter. It almost speaks to the criminal as though they are known by the homeowners and invited to come in. That is how the insurance company will see the situation if the criminal has a key.

Forced entry is the first thing insurance companies look for in a home invasion or robbery case. If there is no evidence or sign of forced entry, the next question is, who had the lock key? This incentivizes the insurance company to deny the claim, and they have the right to drop the client.

Your New Property Locks Must Conform to British Standards

Everyone is required to upgrade their locks to the British Standard 3621:2004. These standards are for everyone’s safety.

When to Change the Locks

Another question that goes with “why” is “when” should the locks be changed? The following is a list of advice on when this needs to be done.

  1. At the time a renter or tenant moves out
  2. When buying a new home
  3. When owning a vacation rental property
  4. After a burglary or break-in
  5. If the key is missing or was stolen
  6. After the termination of an employee, if they are disgruntled in any way
  7. If the lock is damaged in any way
  8. After a divorce
  9. If the building owner wants to change old keys
  10. If no one changed the locks before.

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What to Consider When Changing Your Locks?

There are a few things to consider when changing locks, which are listed below. They have different styles that go with the door; others are built for basic quality security.

Number of Locks to Change

How many locks to change depends on how many entrances there are to get into the home. Some homes have sliding doors, and every home has at least two doorways to the outside. Then a person should consider the windows.

Many people come in through the windows when they see the locked door, and they know they cannot get in that way. They will try the window, so the windows need to be counted for security reasons.

Then there is the garage. Some people have garage doors that need to be locked to keep out burglars. Behind those doors are tools and household stuff, along with the vehicles. These things should be considered when counting how many locks are needed to change.

Type of Lock

There are different types of locks that people put on their doors. Some are on the doorknob; others are deadbolts. There are also those with unique technology involved, and these locks work through smartphone apps. It controls all locks connected to the app through the internet or punch-in codes and works for homes and offices.

There are locks for cabinets, windows, garage doors, storage sheds, and anything around the home that needs to be locked up. The kind of lock purchased makes all the difference to the door’s security. The type of lock should also be easy to work with and durable to hold back anyone who is not welcome.


Security is the whole point of having a lock on a door or window. When changing the locks, everything should work to hold back unwanted guests. Security is not part of the equation if the lock pieces do not line up. Everything has to work, so there may be times when you want a lock, but the door or door frame may be a problem.

Security means safety, and the lock is the only thing to hold criminals back, so choosing the right lock is critical. The lock is only as strong as the door frame.

If the door frame is weak, then there is more of a problem with security than first perceived. The doorframe must be sturdy for the lock to work.

Personal Preferences

Everyone has their choices when it comes to home decor and security. Some people are satisfied with a deadbolt, while others want a top-of-the-line security system with locks on every door and window. The difference is that today, we have the technology to add to the list of choices.

In most situations, it is whatever works best for the homeowners to lock and unlock quickly and to have quick access to open the lock in case of an emergency.


The budget is a significant factor in the lock a person chooses. It also depends on how often a person expects to change the locks. For instance, landlords must change the locks every time one person or family moves out. This keeps the next person or family safe when they become the next tenants.

The price can become costly if the locks have to be changed every six months to a year. Therefore, there are cheaper versions of locks that will hold to the British Standard. Those with more technologies will cost more, so getting something cheap and expensive is best for the best safety quality.

Rekeying vs. Replacing the Locks: Which One Should You Prefer?

Rekeying the locks is the better option when the budget is tight or if a landlord has to change the security more than once a year. The only time a lock needs replacement is when it is too old or broken and not serving the entire purpose of protection. Upgrading would be another reason to change the entire lock.

Should You DIY or Hire a Locksmith?

People who do it themselves love getting their hands dirty when a project pops up. Others do it to save money, but we recommend that whoever has issues with the locks, whether technology or manual, leave the repair and replacement up to the professionals.

Sometimes there are lifetime warranties or other warranties that will void if the homeowner chooses to DIY.

A basic deadbolt or a door handle with a lock is not difficult to change. However, some professionals can add extra security and check for stability with the locks to ensure the home is safe. Then, when professionals do the job, the warranty is the best part in case the lock fails. It will only cost something to replace if it is within the required timeframe.

Conclusion And CTA

London Locksmith 24/7 can help customers decide which locks are the best for replacement and can assist when only key replacement is required. They can change the locks on any cabinet, garage door, sliding door, or window and check to ensure the home is secure when locked. It is critical for the family’s safety inside the house for all locks to work correctly, so contact London Locksmith 24/7 to secure the home.