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Everything to Know About Banham Locks

Are you worried about the current crime rates and home burglaries in the UK? Security begins with you having a burglary resistant lock on your door. With a Banham lock on your door, the security of your house is virtually guaranteed, and you don’t have to worry about someone breaking into your home. 

We ensure that your doors are reinforced with high-quality Banham security locks, making it extremely difficult for burglars with your property resistant to all security threats.

History of Bahman Security Locks

To understand the quality of the lock you are getting, it is reasonable that you know the history of Banham products and services in the UK. Operations began in 1926 in Banham hence the name Banham security lock. The first lock was an automatic door bolt. As a top manufacturer of locks in the UK, the company has been awarded more than eight Metropolitan Police Awards for the quality of security services delivered to customers.

Since our inception, we have diversified the nature of our services. We have included other security services, such as CCTVs, door entry systems, and safes. We can secure the locks on your door, but also see the burglars’ images and spot any movements around your property. We also secure other assets such as cash and certificates stored safely at home and in the office. Based on the history of our products and services, you can trust Banham to guarantee the security of your house. We ensure you are not worried about any security challenges in the country.

 Why Purchase a Banham Lock?

The most obvious reason is that we safeguard your home from burglary and ensure that your property is safe in your absence. We also help you save on your home insurance premium. During insurance application, the presence of Banham Lock and other security features on your premises will enable you to negotiate for a low-cost home insurance premium.


Banham locks reduce the risk of burglary. The company is accredited by the various security agencies in the UK to offer security services and complies with industry regulations, such as BS3621, which allows the manufacturing and distribution of security products. When you consult with a locksmith, remember Banham are the best locks as they virtually guarantee security at all times.

Differences Between Banham Locks and Other Types of Locks

To fully understand Banham lock capabilities, let’s compare to the standard Yale-type rim locks.

Yale rim locks offer a five pin cylinder majorly made up of brass, the strike plates are usually of the same size of the lock. Another disadvantage of the lock is that buglers can easily copy the keys. In most cases, one key can open multiple locks. Banham security locks are made from trademarked cylinders and cannot be accessed by various keys. Banham locks are premium products that comply with BS3621 and the latest insurance and security regulations.


Banham is made from 6 pin drill resistant cylinders and wholly different from other ordinary locks. Some of the Banham locks have self-deadlocking saw resistant steel bolts, which will restrict exits of burglars from your premises. In case burglars have access to your house through the window, their exit is restricted by the lock meaning the bugler will remain at the premises until security personnel arrives. 

With these two differences, Banham locks retain its position as the most secure locks in the UK. Additional security features prevent burglars from accessing the facility due to the fear of leaving their DNA traces on the door.

Types of Door Locks

Lever mortice deadlocks

The five-lever mortice deadlock is commonly fitted on wooden doors and can be locked or unlocked from inside or outside using a key. A 5-lever lock is usually fitted on edge and not the surface of the door. If you want to identify a 5-lever door, it is branded as “5-lever”.

These types of lock are more secure than three lever deadlock. The disadvantage of the lock is that it does not conform to BS3621; therefore, it is vulnerable to burglars. 

Five Lever Mortice Deadlock Conforming to BS3621

This lock, unlike the other 5 or 3 lever locks, comply with the BS3621 standards. It is more secure since it gets tested by manufacturers and 3rd parties and is proven to resist burglary.

Multi-point Locking System

This door lock system is fitted into the body of the door and locks into the door frames and is found in composite, french, patio, and UPC doors. The multiple lock system makes it easier to change the locking cylinder compared to other types of locks. Only one cylinder is required to open and lock the door. It has some disadvantages as children cannot operate it since they cannot easily verify whether the door is locked or not.

Rim Automatic Deadlatch with Key-locking Handle 

Fitted from inside of the door and referred to as Yale locks or Night latches. The door can be locked or unlocked from inside and outside the door. They are used alongside a mortice lock. They are suitable for the glass panel, wooden or timber doors. 

They are easy to use and can be used by children since it is easy to verify whether the door is locked. It has certain disadvantages, such as it requires the lock to be fitted with a BS 3621-night latch or an additional lock to reinforce the door.

Euro Cylinder Locks

Suitable for a variety of doors, such as front, back, and interior, are used for multiple composite or UPVC doors. These locks are usually with multi-point locking systems, mortice deadlocks, or sash locks.

These locks are easy to operate and can be easily upgraded, allowing the owner to create a master key to avoid having numerous keys. In case the correct security procedure or standard is not followed when using or fitting onto the door, the door and the lock will be vulnerable to attacks.

How to Guarantee Security Using Banham Security Locks

The most common questions about these locks are whether they are the most secure locks. Before you consider Banham locks, there are various factors you need to consider, such as the technology used in the lock, cost, and the ability to blend with the door. Most insurance companies and locksmiths will always advise on the use of deadlocks to secure the door. Some experts have always advised the need to combine various types of lock to secure the door. Using a combination limits the possibility of house burglary if the burglars succeed in opening one lock.


Many people are usually worried about burglars accessing the thumb turn from outside and making the house riskier. On such occasions, it is advised to use key locks. Using key locks ensures that buglers only access your door using the key. Thumb turns are more secure for use in apartment blocks, shared rooms, and are essential for fire safety regulations. The use of either type of Banham security locks will always guarantee security to your house and simultaneously minimize insurance premium costs.

How Do Banham Locks Work?

The Banham double cylinder automatic deadlocking operates through self-locking and enables an instant lock system when you close your door. You can lock your door from inside or outside the house. To confirm whether the door is locked, the lock indicator must flash on the surface of the lock.

How Secure is the Banham Lock?

Awards defend our reputation; we have achieved numerous awards due to the level of security we have offered in the UK and around the world. Banham locks are recognized by various security agencies such as London Police. Our company is also the official security firm of London Met. 

How Much Do Banham Locks Cost?

Prices vary according to the locks you have purchased; our prices are pocket friendly. With fair prices, we offer you the best locks in the market.


What Brand of Door Lock is the Best?

The choice of the brand door lock is a matter of your personal preference. We recommend that you consider buying a lock that is compliant with BS3621 regardless of the brand.


It is proven that the most secure locks in Banham security locks in the UK. Do not hesitate to call, or you can visit London Locksmith 24h to buy the best locks. Trust our professionals who ensure your property is safe from burglary. Do not be scared of the burglary statistics anymore; trust us to secure you, and we will perform beyond your expectations.