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Features of Good Locksmith Service That You Should Consider

Everyone needs a locksmith at some point in their lives. Given that we all lock our homes and places of work each day, lock problems are bound to happen. You may lose your keys, have a malfunctioning lock, need to change your lock or install locks in a new house. Given the nature of skills required, your chances of success on doing it yourself are quite low. Moreover, since most of the lock problems are not pre-thought, it is in your best interest to have a professional that you can reach if you get into problems. Here are some of the qualities that you have to look at when selecting a professional to do the job.


He Should Be Licensed

A licensed lock repair professional is someone serious about the job. He or she has been certified and endorsed by the relevant authorities as qualified to do the job. Therefore, you can be sure that once they get to your home, they are going to do good work. Do not be tempted by unlicensed locksmiths even if they are charging a fraction of what a licensed professional charges. They are likely to mess your lock and damage your door such that you would require expensive door repair. Always ask for the license every time you need to hire a professional.

Go for Insured and Bonded Professionals

Insurance should be top on the list when looking to hire a skilled locksmith at home or for the office. In the course of doing the job, one may injure themselves. If they are not insured, you may be made to foot the cost of treating them and any loss of work time. This is a cost you do not want to add to your bill.

>By being bonded, it means that the company takes care of any loss or damage that happens due to neglect or mistake on the part of the professional lock repair professionals. This way, you are not worried about losing items or damaging the door of your apartment when you call such a profession for lock repair work.

They Should Handle Your Type of Locks

Over the years, lock making technology has improved drastically. This means that people who have not learned about the newest technology may not be in a position to repair the latest computerized locks and smart security systems. Therefore, when hiring, ensure that the professional can handle your types of locks effectively. It is good to describe your type of locks beforehand and ask the person on the other end if they have competency in repairing such kinds of locks. If you want to have locks installed, it is good to ask for certifications to prove that the professional you are hiring has the skills required to install the type of lock you need.

Within Your Locality

Most of the time, lock issues are an emergency. This means that you need a professional that can come to your home, car, or office within the shortest time possible. For this matter, do not hire companies that are over 10 miles from your home. They may take ages to reach you. Moreover, companies that have opened their offices in your locality are keen to grow their business in the area. Therefore, they are more likely to do an excellent job in order to grow a reputation and gain more clients from the area. Anyone who claims to be from your locality should be able to give directions to your home or office.

Available Around The Clock

Go for a 24-hour locksmith. He or she is available for repair work at any time of the day or night as well as public holidays. You cannot anticipate when your lock will get jammed or when you will lose your keys. It may happen at night, during a holiday or early in the morning. Therefore, a 24-hour locksmith is your best bet at having someone to deal with the problem quickly when it occurs. In the same breath, get to know if the lock maker makes additional charges for repairs done out of the official working hours and by how much.

Show Professionalism

An ideal locksmith presents a professional demeanor in the way that he goes about his work, appearance, and talking. He most likely would be wearing a uniform with a logo of the company and comes with an identification card to show that he is from the company you contacted. Most locksmiths come with company branded cars to your premises. In addition, an ideal professional should be friendly and not indifferent. He or she should also be willing to answer questions or respond to your concerns on matters relating to the locks. You can gauge how professional the company operates by the way you are handled on the phone or the way your questions are answered if you visit the premises.

Authorized Dealers and Repair Professionals

Some of the lock products you have installed come with a warranty. If the locks break down during the warranty period, they need to be repaired by someone who is authorized by the lock manufacturer to carry out the repairs. In the same breath, if you are installing high-quality locks, you need to have them installed by a company that can pass the manufacturer warranty. This saves you from expensive repairs or changes for a particular period. Ensure that you ask for authorization if you have a warranty for your lock products.

Provides Prompt Service

It is essential that you research on the service delivery of the companies you would like to hire for your locks. Determine whether they offer prompt services whenever they are called. You should find lots of such information on the internet. It may be inconveniencing to wait outside your home for two hours while waiting for the lock to be opened after you lost the keys. This quality should be looked at differently from that of hiring someone from your locality. You require a locksmith that is near your locality and can offer quick service when called upon.


Unless you are installing new locks at your home, most of the other lock services are unplanned. This means that you do not have some cash on the side that is kept for the service. However, do not look at the cost of the service in isolation. Strike a balance between the quality of the service provided versus the cost. You do not want to end up with a cheap, poorly done job or break the bank to have a simple lock repair job completed. Ask for estimates from a few pre-qualified lock repair companies before settling on one or two.


The are tons of lock solutions that you can use at home for enhanced security. You may not know that some of the solutions are available. An ideal locksmith is the one that presents several options for you to choose. Here is an example. If you are a new owner at home, you may be forced to change all the locks for your safety. However, there may be an option for rekeying the locks so that the old keys are not able to open the doors. As for new locks, there are several varieties with varying security levels in the marketplace. Ask about lock solution alternatives from several locksmiths. Pick one that gives you a few alternatives and is keen to let you know how each of them can work in your case.

Offers Quality Products

This may be a little hard to determine. However, it is still an important quality that you should consider. Ask the locksmith what brands they work with and what they suggest for your problem. You may then research on such products on the internet. When you go for quality products, you are assured of quality service and durability. A professional that cares about the quality will give you several options with the benefits and weak points of each so that you can make the right decision.

In the same breath, look at the track record of the company you intend to hire. Do they offer superior service? Are there unresolved complaints from their customers? What is the service quality rating by customers and such organizations as BBB? While you may not expect to find a locksmith without some complaints lodged against them, you can easily tell if the company can be trusted to offer the service.


It is recommended that you chose a locksmith long before you have any issues with any of your locks at home. This prevents a situation where you will pick just any lock repair professional that comes your way out of desperation. It also saves you the time you would have spent looking for a service provider when you need an urgent lock service. Be sure to check the above-mentioned qualities especially a 24-hour locksmith and someone who is qualified to handle the lock problem. At 24/7 London Locksmith, in usually less than 25 minutes we will be at the address you required and will fix your problem in no time. You can rely on our professional service and fair prices. Please call us today!