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Things to Consider When Choosing a Smart Lock For Your Front Door

Smart Lock For Your Front Door

Protecting your home and family is one of most people’s paramount responsibilities. After all, your home is your castle, and feeling secure is critical to living a productive and positive life.

A proper front door lock should be in place to avoid problems with intruders or thieves. It’s essential to home security and should be of top quality. For many modern homes, an innovative lock system uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to lock or unlock a door without needing a traditional key. But which smart lock is best? Banham locksmith London is the right fit if you’re considering a smart lock.

What to Consider When Buying a Smart Lock

Choosing the right door lock is often a mixture of professional reputation and personal preference. Knowing that a company has been successful and in good standing for many years is often a rousing endorsement in and of itself. Finding that the brand becomes a personal favourite is a bonus.

  1. Look for quality over quantity. Some lock companies try to offer too many choices or develop multiple product lines without keeping the focus on what made their business great in the first place. Find a lock company focusing on its craft, and you’ll discover a superior product.
  2. Match the ideal lock with the entry door. Particular doors and frames require specific locks or installations. Your locksmith will consult with you on this.
  3. How secure is the lock? For many lock companies, their keying is too similar to other brands. This similarity allows criminals to develop a broader range of lock-picking choices. With a unique lock mechanism, you’re more likely to have a secure home.
  4. Insurance concerns. When choosing a new door lock, it may be worth inquiring with your insurance carrier to see if they have any recommendations or if the lock you’re choosing is a proper choice. Sometimes, a specific lock may help adjust your insurance premium to a lower figure.

Are Smart Locks a Good Choice For You?

Every aspect of our lives feels the effects of expanding technology in our modern world. Connectivity and nearly instant information feeds have been notably enhanced. These are also keystones of successful security.

Smart locks represent a blending of old and new lock technology. They often still operate just as traditional locks in their physical mechanisms, except they can communicate with your phone, computer, or mobile device. Smart locks can also pair with security systems and CCTV to offer more complete security options.

Just the same, smart locks are connected to electronic devices, so passwords, security codes or other digital markers can be hacked, accessed, and used.

Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Smart Lock

Smart locks have several benefits, but still, practice some tried and tested security strategies as part of the overall protection.

Smart Lock Should Not be Your Primary Mode of Home Security

There are millions of scammers and cybercriminals constantly trawling the interwebs for information which they can turn into financial gain. Their methods are becoming increasingly successful, so even more information can be captured from company databases and hard drives.

Since smart locks operate off of digital codes and passwords, it’s completely feasible for these same scammers to gather the entry codes for countless smart lock systems throughout a city region.

Smart locks are excellent methods for monitoring a home or business, but a traditional locking system should always accompany the smart lock to ensure greater security and peace of mind.

Manually Manage Access for Others

Since smart locks operate off of passwords instead of keys, these same passwords have been potentially shared with friends, flatmates, or romantic connections. The possibility of others accessing your home should be reason enough to change the password or lock.

Choose Banham Locks

Banham precision-engineered locks are British-made and expertly handcrafted to be reliable, solid and strong. With Banham Locks, consumers can rest assured that they are receiving both a top-quality lock and key system and a storied history that reveals a commitment to innovation and a dedication to quality.

Features of Banham Locks

As Banham locks approach a century of designing and building world-class locks, it’s worth highlighting what makes this company and their products unique.

  • Banham Locks – One of the first features you’ll notice about Banham locks are the unique key designs. Banham developed its patented horizontal pin system instead of a traditional vertical one. The keys are challenging to copy, and the pin cylinders are drill resistant.
  • Key Registry and Keyholding- Besides having a unique key and cylinder pin design, Banham locks also created a key registry in which only authorised individuals can receive copies of the keys. By maintaining a barrier from mass key production, Banham locks retain a strong reputation and physical defence against break-ins.
  • Double Cylinder Deadlocking- Upon entering a Banham-locked door, the deadlock will automatically lock when closed. This kind of protection keeps customers safe without being intrusive or difficult to operate.
  • Compliant with British Standard for Security- UK Metropolitan Police recognise Banham locks as some of the market’s most secure and safe locks and security systems. They are also registered as meeting the British Standards Institution’s BS3621 lock standards.

Four Main Types of Banham Locks

Among the various styles, functions, and looks of their products, Banham locks can be categorised into four main types. Regardless of lock type, Banham keys are only registered to individuals who own the locks.

Banham L2000 Rim Deadbolt

This self-deadlocking entryway lock will lock as soon as the door is shut, making for a highly secure option. A 10” striker plate for the door frame and high-quality deadbolt can resist significant attempts at manually breaking through. The patented Banham key system also offers additional protection from intruders.

Banham M2002 Cylinder Mortice Deadlock

Another of Banham’s most popular designs, the mortice deadlock, must be manually locked but still features a nearly impenetrable design. The high security, saw-resistant locking bolt and striker plate, along with the patented key design, help give consumers security and peace of mind. Note that these locks are designed to be used in wooden doors.

Banham M5000 Cylinder Mortice Deadlock

Similar to the M2002, the M5000 uses a 38/38 Euro profile cylinder and can be adjusted to accommodate thicker doors. Banham’s unique key and lock pin design help to add to the security provided. The hook bolt design and the M2002 lock help prevent spreading or prying the door to gain entry.

Banham EL4000 Rim Deadbolt with Electric Release

The EL4000’s electronically operated rim night latch mechanism design builds off Banham’s existing quality locks by adding a modern touch. Using 12-volt DC (or AC) power, this lock can be relied upon to provide the same award-winning protection as all Banham locks and security designs.

All Banham locks are supplied with two keys initially. If an additional key is needed, it can only be requested by a registered key holder. By registering our locks and keys for our customers, they can rest assured that no other keys can be made without their approval, thus eliminating illegitimate additional keys circulating amongst the general public.

Choose Banham Security and Choose Quality

As far back as 1926, Banham Security has been working to innovate and improve the ability of door locks. Their founder, William F. Banham, put so much faith in the unique lock and key design he developed that he challenged lock picks and burglars throughout London to attempt to break into a Banham door lock. There were no successful attempts.

Fast forward to modern day, and Banham continues to offer award-winning protection and innovative designs, all the while packaged in sleek and elegant designs. In addition to continuing to offer their traditional high-quality door locks, Banham Security also provides security in the form of smart locks, fire and burglar alarms, CCTV monitoring systems, security gates, shutters, grills, and keyholding services which keep keys in the hands of registered key-holding clients.

Whether choosing new door locks and security systems or upgrading an existing system, Banham Security and London Locksmiths have you covered. From installing new locks to responding to emergency locksmith needs 24/7, our experts are prepared. Contact us today for more information on maximising your home’s security.