Break in Repair – Emergency Locksmith – Greater London

Our phone ringed few times yesterday morning around 6 AM. After we answered we found that Mr. Brian is a hopeless man, because his house was break in the last night, while he was away. He should go to work at 8 AM and he requested our help to fix his door as soon as possible and to find some ways to increase his home security. Our locksmith technicians get in the car and drove to the NW6.

We found one of the worst situation of break in repair, when the door is broken and the lock is damaged. We should fix both of them and we did it, so Mr. Brian could go peacefully to the job. We will get back to Mr. Brian ASAP as he said to improve entire house security because he won’t to be again the victim of burglars.

We were happy to help you, Mr. Brian!

Mission: Break in repair during the last night should be fixed as soon as possible
Emergency: Unlock an annex which old lock was broken and need to be replaced
Lock: Usual old lock exchange
Location: Kilburn, NW6, Greater London
Phone Call date & time: Tuesday, Februrary 6, 2018, 06:03 AM
Arrival time: 06:28 PM (~25 minutes)
Work time: 35 minutes

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Corporate security door’s lock replacement with a new one

We’ve received a call Sunday, 17th of December to replace the old lock for a corporate security iron door.
We took some pictures so you can see how the old lock that was damaged appears and how the doors look after new locks installed.

Mission: Security door’s old lock replacement
Emergency: Damaged lock needs to be replaced as soon as possible
Lock: Standard lock
Location: North of London
Phone Call date & time: Sunday, 17th of December, 2017, 08:03 AM
Arrival time: 08:20 AM (~20 minutes)
Work time: 20 minutes the entire process

Lock Changed at Robert Dyas Store on 61 The Broadway, Wimbledon

We were call on 28 of November, yesterday, from the Robert Dyas Store located on 61 The Broadway, Wimbledon in South West of London, SW19, to come and install a new lock after another locksmith came at the place and didn’t solved the problem.

We found the door with no lock, like in the first picture, during 15 minutes of our professional locksmith intervention we finished our job and won a new customer that will recommend us. Thank you Mr.!

Mission: Install a new lock
Emergency: Store lock was broken and should be replaced as soon as possible
Lock: Check the pictures below
Location: 61 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London SW19
Phone Call date & time: Tuesday, November 28, 2017, 03:21 PM
Arrival time: 03:43 PM (~20 minutes)
Work time: 15 minutes the entire process

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Opening a padlock in London turned into … More

We were called by a completely new customer who heard about us for the first time by searching on Google. He asked us to help him by opening an old rusty padlock but after we arrived at Mr. David location we find out that he is in trouble with a old garage door and right after it an old access gate. You can see them in the images below.

So, we despatched 2 technicians who could help him with the entire job. We received the call from Acton, one of London’s districts we have the most calls alongside Chiswick. Our locksmiths arrived at the place in 22 minutes and maked an inventory for all the goods we’re necessary to finish the task. They placed an order and return in the next day, Thursday to make the carpenter job and finally, Friday, we helped David with the locksmith stuff.

We were happy to help Mr. David, because he was old enough to make this work as well alone.

Mission: Open a padlock of an old garage
Emergency: Unlock an annex which old lock was broken and need to be replaced
Lock: Usual old lock exchange
Location: Acton, West 3, London, United Kingdom
Phone Call date & time: Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 10:30 AM
Arrival time: 10:52 PM (~20 minutes)
Work time: From 10 minutes, turned into 3 days of 2 technicians (more time waiting materials for doors to arrive)

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Lock Exchange and Repair Old Door in Chiswick W4, London, UK

This morning we we’re contacted by a woman from Chiswick that knew about us from one of her neighbors, where we did a great job as he said, few weeks ago. She told us that she need to secure it’s garden annex, because its lock was broken last night. We should solve this issue as soon as possible, because she should go to the work in one hour and a half.

Old doors and their lock are always a challenge for inexperienced locksmiths because their wood is deprecated and can face many problems when you want to place a new lock on it. Our never step back from challenges, so we replaced hundreds of locks, installed new strong lock on old doors to increase the safety of our clients annex, home, garage and the other doors.

Wasn’t a simple intervention, but we successful replace the old lock, with a new one and repaired the door to be stronger for the next burglars who will try to brake it. Overall this old door now looks like a stronger one even if it isn’t a door with high security level, but it will let the impression of hard to get for usual burglars and will protect all the garden tools of our happy client from Chiswick W4.

Check our price for replacing locks for entire Greater London.

Mission: Open an annex and replace the old lock with a new one, to increase the security of garden tools
Emergency: Unlock an annex which old lock was broken and need to be replaced
Lock: Usual old lock exchange
Location: Chiswick, West 4, London, United Kingdom
Phone Call date & time: Friday, November 10, 2017, 07:30 AM
Arrival time: 07:40 PM (~10 minutes)
Work time: 35 minutes due to the old door wood rotten

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Unlock Safe-Deposit Box, Earls Court, SW5, London, UK

Yesterday, Thursday evening we we’re contacted by a gentleman that asked us to help him with opening his safe.

Opening a safe-deposit box it’s not easy at all due to the high level of safety for which were build the safes. We need to take with us from our deposit a lot of professional tools that could help us to face any challenges  that will face us at the client’s location. Thanks to our experience in locksmith field, we can open any locks, padlocks and even safes. We opened during the years dozens of safe-deposit box so we knew how to approach the situation, to finish the job ASAP.

Arrival time was around 15 minutes from our center to the SW5, Earls Court district of London, just as though we can arrive in any area of Greater London districts thanks to our mobile teams which are despatched 24/7 through London.

Check our list of prices to open locks in London.

Mission: Open a safe-deposit box that was blocked by entering the wrong password to many times
Emergency: Open/unlock a safe as soon as possible
Lock: Unlock Safe-Deposit Box lock (check the pictures below)
Location: Earls Court, South West 5, London, United Kingdom
Phone Call date & time: Thursday, November 03, 2017, 10:45 PM
Arrival time: 11:05 PM (~20 minutes)
Work time: 10 minutes

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If you’re looking for a locksmith that can easily open your safe, don’t hessitate to contact us:0203 002 8245

Smart Lock Installed in Croydon, London, UK

This weekend, we received a phone call with a less demanding requirement, as not many people are willing to invest in smart locks in 2017.
Thanks to our professional locksmiths experience with smart locks during a long time, it was technically easy to do, even if the customer wanted to open/lock his door through the phone, which is one of the many features of this lock. We contacted in no time our locksmiths in South Croydon, CR2 and they arrived in 27 minutes (time for preparing tools, lock and driving to the location), while, the estimated time for this arrival was 30 minutes. Work time was 1h and all the details listed below.

Mission: Upgrade the old lock, to a new smart lock
Features: Open/Lock the door through Smartphone
Lock: Nuki Smart Lock (check the pictures below)
Location: Croydon, London, United Kingdom
Phone Call date & time: Sunday, September 17, 2017, 08:00 PM
Arrival time: 08:27 PM
Work time: 1h

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A new mission completed and another happy customer!

Mission: Adding a new Deadlock Mortice Lock for Extra Security

During the night of December 13, 2016, our company’s office phone starts ringing. A colleague quickly pick up the phone. The story was to find out is a worrisome news for some people, but in our Locksmiths business it’s a normal event.

Because of poor security of an interior door, behind which were large sum of moneys and vauables, for this family from Catford, SE 6, St. Nicholas came with burglars who have stolen everything that could be exploited.

How can we help in this kind of situation, as professional locksmith team? After a brief analysis of the doors and house’s safety, we decided, in agreement with the customer, to secure that important door with another lock. The model chosen is Deadlock Mortice Lock because they offer increased security.

In less than 15 minutes our team was at the doorstep, ready to secure that room. After another 40 minutes, the mission was accomplished and our clients family finally happy and safe.

Keep in mind: Quality locks + The hand of a professional locksmith = More time for burglars to break them, time which none of them has.

Take a look:


Hard Work: Door Lock change, Before and After Pictures

A morning like any other in our office in London. Monday, October 17, 2016, ready for a new day of work. A phone call received during the first part of the morning prepare our team of locksmiths for a new emergency. The mission was not an easy one, we had to install a professional lock in a damaged door. Equipped with all the tools that we needed for such an operation, we get in the car and moved like a whirlwind at that address.

We arrived there in less than 20 minutes, although traffic was not on our side, we met with the client, and she showed us the door that needs our help, the professional help of’ locksmiths.
The initial situation of the door can be seen in the pictures, as well as the end result of our intervention.



A very hard and well done job made by our professional locksmiths.

A new mission completed and another happy customer!